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Contracting the Creator

Contracting the Creator:

We’ve compiled our list of leaks of our selected product. What we have to do now is alert the original creator of the content of these leaks, and offer them our services. It is very important in this step you act very professional, as it will result in more customers for you. As an example, I will be using iPhone Video Hero. By navigating to their website and scrolling all the way to the bottom, we can see a small “Contact” button.

Clicking this will bring us to a webpage that has the creator’s email and phone number. All we need here is the email. It should be noted that while the large majority of websites will have a contact page, many will not, and others may not have an email listed. Luckily for us, there is a simple way to find this out. Head on over to http://www.whois.com/ and enter in the domain of the website in the “Whois Lookup” box. You can usually find the email of the creator by doing this, however, if you still cannot find the email of the creator I suggest you move on to another product. We are now going to be writing a professional letter to the creator of their product,

explaining to them that their content has been leaked, and offering them our services. Below is a template for a letter you should write. I do not recommend you simply copy and paste it. Change up some aspects of it to make it seem the best, and to get the most customers.


Illegal Uploads of <Product Name>


Hello <name>, my name is <insert your name> and I recently came across your product <product name>. I noticed it has been uploaded on quite a few file sharing sites, most likely without your consent. I specialize in helping content creators reach a wider audience. I realize that leaking of your product costs you money, and that is why I am here today to offer you my services. At your request I can take down the following leaks within the next 72 hours. Some sites where your product has been shared are as follows:

<filesharing website link 1> <filesharing website link 2> <filesharing website link 3> <filesharing website link 4> <filesharing website link 5>

These illegal uploads are costing you money and I advise you to take care of this quickly. If you are interested in my services please send me a response to this email with any and all question you may have. I will be glad to answer any concerns or

inquiries you have as well as provide you with more information regarding our services.

<your name> <[email protected]> <phone number>


Feel free to modify the letter, this is just a template.

Also, create a professional email and a Google Voice number to use for your orders, it will make you seem much more professional and it is good to have a separate email for your business.

Once you have sent the letter, all that’s left to do is wait. Sometimes you will get a response, sometimes you won’t. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t receive a response! Once you have sent the letter, all that’s left to do is wait. Sometimes you will get a response, sometimes you won’t. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t receive a response! Not every person you email will read it or even be interested. Simply move on to another product. I like to send out 3-5 letters a day, and I will usually receive 1, maybe 2 responses a few days later. Sometimes the owner will reply with some questions. Some of the most common replies I will get to my emails are “How much will this cost?” or “How will these be removed?” Well, we’re going to cover that now. Below is another template for a response letter.

Hello <owner’s name>,

thank you for your interest in our services.
In response to your question regarding <insert owner’s question if they had one> <insert answer to owner’s question>. For us to remove these leaks of your product, I will need your consent to do so, as well as $150 payment for the service. This fee is to pay for the tools needed to quickly and effectively take down these leaks. If you are still interested in our services, please respond back with your physical mailing address as well as phone number. This information will be necessary for us to take down the leaks of your product.

Regards, <your name> <[email protected]> <phone number>

Most times if the owner of the product has already responded to your email, they will likely reply again with all necessary information. We need their mailing address and phone number for us to take down the leaked content. If they reply again then it’s a done deal. The owner is obviously interested in our services and willing to pay for it. Simply send them a variant of the below message to collect your money:

Hello <owner’s name>,

thank you for your continued interest in our service. Please send the listed fee of $99 to <insert your PayPal> as a service. Once the payment has been cleared, we will begin work on taking the leaks down.

Regards, <your name>

Again, keep in mind this is simply a template, you can change up the wording for the best results. Also, feel free to change the price of the service as you see fit. For more expensive products being sold, you can charge larger amounts, whereas with smaller products you should charge less to get the most interest in your service.

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