5 Years Of Email Marketing Secrets

Constructing An Email Ad

Let’s get right to the nuts and bolts of constructing an email ad because this is where most people screw up. They get everything else down right but totally drop the ball when it comes to creating their email. So I’m going to show you the method that I have been using for over 5 years now and I’m going to share each style and situation.

Okay, what exactly am I talking about when I say style and situation? I’m going to explain in explicit detail because it is critical that you get this.

There are essentially two types of emails you’re going to send.
1. Emails to your list
2. Emails to strangers

Now if you’re thinking that there are no situations where you’re going to send emails to strangers, you’d be wrong. Cold contact email marketing can be very effective IF you understand the situation and know how to relate to it.

Here is a list of ways to send emails to prospects who aren’t on your personal opt-in list.

FFA Hosted Sites
Prospect Inquiries
Each one of these has to be handled differently, especially the prospect inquiries. I have found that I can make a ton of sales based on how I reply to emails sent to me from my various sales pages. Yes, put your email address on your sales page and let people write to you. But more on that later.

Let’s get right to constructing an ad. Since there are so many different products, we have to keep this generic, otherwise, this ebook will be about 5,000 pages long.

Since most people are into the list building, let’s tackle a proven effective formula for emails that you’re going to send to your list, forgetting about the gimmicks that you see all over the place, “bad ads”, etc.

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