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Google+ vs Facebook for Business With the exception of ‘Hangouts’, the business pages on Google+ really do look similar to that on Facebook, and they seem to provide the same opportunity for updating followers on news, offers, competitions and other relevant information.

The same basic rules apply to Google Plus Pages as to other social networking platforms. Is your audience there and is it likely to be? Can you make the commitment to publish, share and interact?

The main differentiation would relate to the Google+ ‘circle’ model of sharing. Theoretically, businesses on Google+ could use ‘Circles’ to specifically target a certain group of followers with unique content; however, it might be difficult for particularly large brands with many followers to ensure that this system works effectively.

Google+ has seen the initial surge in users ease off in recent months, but now opening their doors to brands could provide another surge of momentum to further close the gap on Facebook. The question still remains as to whether users, SEOs and social media marketing executives will see enough value in G+ to start using it or representing their clients on it as well as Facebook. With news emerging that it’s now possible to link a Google+ profile with an AdWords account, there will certainly be more developments as more businesses take to G+.

Google really hopes this update to their social network will encourage more people to join. The pages are a nice addition, but they don’t really offer anything better than what Facebook is already providing. This could be the downfall of Google+ as many social networking addicts are reluctant to switch from a platform they are comfortable with. The ability to directly connect with other business pages in your industry is something nice that Facebook cannot provide, but it might not be enough to convince the majority of social media users to switch services.

Having read this course, you are now aware of the many aspects in which Google+ will impact marketers.

The truth is, there will undoubtedly be a lot more features coming to the social network. Dennis Troper shared that Google has received some great feedback on Google+ Pages already and will be working on providing even more features soon.

So what is coming to Google+ Pages next? “A few of the top requests [are ones that] we’ve already started working on, such as multi-admin support, ownership transfer, and page analytics,” wrote Troper. These are definitely popular features that are indispensable from a marketing perspective. What's more, Facebook already offers the ability to add multiple admins and to gain insights around sharing.

No doubt, Google will keep investing effort into improving both the functionality and usability of its social platform. It has to if it wants to compete with Facebook’s dominance in that space.

While many might be underestimating the potential of Google+ due to its low membership base compared to Facebook, it is worth recognizing its youth as well as its strong tie to search.

As we already mentioned in this e course, Google+ is not just any network. It is a platform that is directly impacting search results and reshaping our experience of doing research in Google. Be a smart marketer, and keep a close eye on this

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