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Writing good content isn’t necessarily enough to get you the results you are looking for. You have to craft that content specifically to get results by creating content that naturally leads users to want to take action.

Always write your content with conversion in mind. Whether your primary goal is to sell a product, grow your mailing list, or even make money from advertising on your site, content should be written with that primary goal in mind. (You may also have a secondary goal in mind. Don’t forget you can have multiple calls-to-action in a single article.)

Remember to use multiple lead magnets if you have a variety of topics on your site to ensure you have something that will interest the audiences of each of those topics. Just because two topics are related doesn’t mean they’re similar enough that fans of one will be fans of the other.

As long as you keep your goals in mind when you’re creating your content, you’ll find your conversions growing. More people will take action, and you will get closer than ever to reaching your goals.

Good luck!

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