Branding Through Social Media


Using social media amplifies your website and your brand. It gives you the opportunity to establish and nurture a more personal relationship with your potential customers. It can generate website traffic and leads for you. It's time for you to capitalize on social media.

Just a few more statistics:

93% of adult Internet users in the United States are on Facebook.
49% of people use Facebook to share content.
79% of Twitter users in the United States are more likely to recommend brands they follow.

67% of Twitter users in the United States are more likely to buy brands they follow.

Look at your inbound marketing process as a whole. Social media is a powerful driver toward your content, your website, and your products and services. Branding must include a cohesive message that tells people who you are and what you have to offer across all media.

If you create an interactive and entertaining social environment, and if you have products, services and content of value, it's possible for you to succeed beyond all your expectations.

Your responsibility to your brand is to place priority on creating and sustaining an authentic, relevant presence online. Social space is noisy, and there's already a cosmic trash pile. People and brands who will succeed will offer an alternative to that. As brand marketers and social enthusiasts, we are not only responsible for sales but also for how we treat the people we sell to.

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