Becoming A Super Affiliate

Choosing Your Niche/ Topic

Your niche or topic is the basis of your website – it’s what your site will be about, it’s “Reason For Being”.

Choose the ‘wrong’ niche, and the best you can hope for is a constant struggle; more likely you’ll simply fail.

Choosing the ‘right’ niche won’t, by itself, ensure success, but it is the single biggest determining factor, and what drives all subsequent steps.

If there’s anything ‘hard’ about picking your niche, it’s having to choose from so many excellent potential opportunities.

Once you know how to come up with and qualify niche ideas, the real fun begins – because as you’ll see, there are a near-infinite number of good, lucrative niche site ideas waiting to be exploited. Your biggest problem will be deciding which to pursue!

That said, I often hear from people who are just starting out that choosing a niche is difficult or frustrating – even mindboggling.

The four most common “complaints” I hear are:

  • Not knowing where to begin;
  • Not being able to come up with good ideas;
  • Not knowing if an idea will be profitable;

Not knowing if an idea is achievable.

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