Use Joint Venture to Create Fast Profits

Chapter I : The Quality Product

I know you’ve heard this one somewhere before... The very first thing you should do when selling any product is to test the market for your product!!. You don’t want to waste time recruiting joint venture partners for a product that won’t sell. The easiest and cheapest way to test your products/services may be to buy some e-zine advertising in a publication that targets your market.

If you are selling skin care products you should buy advertising in a e-zine focused on health care or women’s health as women tend to be more concerned about the appearance of their skin than men do. If you are selling car alarms you may want to buy ads in e-zines that cover topics such as car care, maintenance, etc. You should test a few classified ads and solo ads if possible.

Solo ads normally are more expensive than classified ads but the usually pull more response. Remember only buy e-zine ads that target your specific type of customer and always test your ad copy before you spend a lot of time and effort to find joint venture partners.

And remember if you’ve got your own opt-in email list be sure to test to them first, assuming your marketing a product they would be interested in.

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