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Chapter 9: Type 9 Characteristics

Peacemakers love being one with their environment enjoying the harmonious, peace loving nature with others and they will do whatever it takes to maintain it at all costs. Incredibly introverted, they often seen laid back, as though they are not fully present in whatever they are engaged in. They tend to be very optimistic in life believing that somehow, everything will work out in the end whatever may come. They make very warm and attentive friends.

Type 9 Characteristics - Peacemaker, Mediator, Naturalist, Accommodator or Abdicator

Because they are afraid of conflict, they often are resistant to any forms of changes that will bring up these unpleasant feelings of tension. This often causes more problems by not addressing the issues rather than bringing up the feelings of conflict. They are less hesitant to express their anger outwardly compared to the challenger or the reformer. They tend to neglect their own personal growth especially when their primary fixation of indolence or self-forgetting is manifested.

Their holy idea is love. They feel the love and the peace of everything around them as they have a certain oneness with the environment and people.

Their greatest fear loss and annihilation.

They desire stability and peace of mind as conflicts and things that disturb their peace brings them a lot of stress mentally, emotionally and physically (the feeling in their gut).

Their biggest temptation is giving in. In an effort to avoid conflict, they will go out of the way to give in to the needs of others even at their own personal expense. This often leads to tons of resentment, hidden (suppressed) anger and other outbursts.

Their greatest vice is indifference. They may appear that they don’t give a damn about anything else.

However, they are at their best when they are serene. They learn to accept things as they are and have the wisdom to know the difference.

Type nines with a wing of eight are often modest and dynamic. They can make good leaders and can appear conflicting in nature. The other wing is a dreamer with high standards seeking peace and rightness in life.

Wrapping Up

The Enneagram is a immense and profound scheme for learning about yourself and other people. Like any fundamental scheme, it takes a particular amount of work and time to master its subtleties and complexnesses.

Among the helpful things about the Enneagram, all the same, is that it begins paying off with valuable insights as soon as you begin looking into it. Because the Enneagram is so immense, the info in this book is helpful to pay attention to in order to enter into this composite body of knowledge.

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