Creating Unstoppable Word Of Mouth In Network Marketing

Chapter 9: Summary

The network marketing industry is now filled with ‘techies’ who are using the Internet to create unstoppable leads and more downlines.

Here is a recap of what we’ve learnt:

  •   Viral marketing is without a doubt, one of the most powerful ways to drive traffic. Remember the law of exponential growth!
  •   Use ‘tell-a-friend’ to build subscribers with subscribers!
  •   Use master resell rights and no restriction Private Label Rights and spreadyour E-products all over the Internet!
  •   Drive traffic to your sites using blogs, blog themes and BLOG RUSH
  •   Web 2.0 tools or social bookmarking sites are one of the best free tools to drive traffic to your website!
  •   Take advantage of Viral Spiral Marketing and build your list and have YOUR LIST build YOUR LIST at the same time (bringing viral marketing to a whole new dimension)
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