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Chapter 9: Retargeting

Chapter 9: Retargeting

This refers to having the ability to retarget or recapture your visitor after they have visited your ad. This is a fairly recent innovation and it is possible to take advantage of your visitors again when they visit any Google website.

The way retargeting works is that you set up a cookie that will be installed on your visitor’s computer when they visit your ad for the first time. This cookie will now identify the customer and uses this information when they visit sites on the Google Display Network.

As they visit these other sites they will be shown your ads again – you are now retargeting them without their knowledge. You can set the frequency of how often they see your ads, for how long and what content they actually see.

When setting up this method you need to keep in mind what your product or service is. For example if you have a flower store you will want your visitor to be retargeted quickly. Obviously they are ready to buy flowers in the next day or so. Whereas someone looking for a new car can be targeted a week or so down the road.

Retargeting is a popular method of getting more value for your advertising dollars but it must be done correctly. Many huge corporations are now using this as an effective market ing strategy.

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