Being A Public Speaking Celebrity

Chapter 9: Attract Attention With Body Language

Making speeches is not something to be taken lightly if the individual intends for the impact to be forceful and result driven. There are a lot of different elements that should be included in the actual presentation of the speech to ensure the audience is immediately enthralled and engaged.

Get Them Focused

Using the very basic tool of body language to engage the audiences’ attention is something all presenters should master. Using body language to drive home a point or to make a lingering effect statement is better than engaging any other of the audiences’ senses. Body language is an effective way of attracting and maintaining the attention of the intended receiving party. Audiences usually feel a high level of intensity and connection with a presenter who is able to capitalize on the body language as an effective tool for assisting in making an impactful presentation or speech.

There are a lot of points that can be emphasized, with the use of the appropriate and corresponding body language to create the impact needed to get and hold the attention of the audience. When this tool is successfully mastered and used widely during the speech presentation exercise, the audience will be further “entertained” and thus more enthusiastic about maintaining a rapt attention level.

This body language would be likely to include a lot of smiling, hand gesture, head tilts, direct eye contact, handshakes, comical movements (should the presentation called for such a display) and any other movements that may help to keep the attention span of the listening audience. Beside this, other equally impressive and attention demanding body language antics would include other elements such as the way the presenter stands, addressed the audience, walks on stage or into the designated area for the speech.

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