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Chapter 8: Type 7 and 8 Characteristics

The enthusiast is a natural born promoter - an exciting person to be around with. They are always constantly seeking excitement, pleasure and a way to distract them from the mundane everyday life. They are constantly living in a bright future – anticipating the fun and excitement that will come out of it and can’t wait to get there, bring the fun and excitement with other people along.

A challenger doesn’t want to be controlled by others – and don’t argue with them about this! Highly autonomous by nature, they are the natural born leaders or protectors of the pact.

Type 7 Characteristics - Epicure, Entertainer, Optimist, Adventurer or Rationalizer

They are creative, multi talented and open minded. They are also unbridled and deny any form of self-denial or delayed gratification. Natural born entertainers or seekers of entertainment, they often do not focus on one thing for long and moves on to the next most exciting thing. They especially love the spotlight being shined upon them. They can’t sit still – especially when their primary fixation of incessant planning is manifested.

Their holy idea is work as they always must be doing something productive and creating new experiences. Their greatest fear is boredom.

They just can’t sit still. They must be accomplishing something or experiencing something or they will die from boredom.

They desire strong experiences of life. They want to feel everything and do as much as they can.

Their biggest temptation is moving too fast. This is their nature that others find it very hard to keep up with. This may hold true when they are doing projects in teams.

Their greatest vice is gluttony. Because they want to experience so many things at once, they often bite off more than they can chew.

However, when they learn to slow down and be sober, they are at their best when they are calm and have an aura of stillness.

Type sevens with a wing of six are more responsible and faithful. They are also more vulnerable compared to other sevens. The other wing is the type that is more practical, narcissistic and aggressive – because they go all out in their pursuits.

Type 8 Characteristics - Leader, Solution Master, Maverick, Protector or Intimidator

They consider themselves and only themselves to be the master of their own fate – having full autonomy to live their lives. Extremely tough minded people, they will keep on pushing themselves to great extremes in order to get the best results even if they are only challenging themselves.

Since their instincts are so strong, they often have strong physical appetites to get exactly whatever result they want out from life. They are also people who tend to be financially independent or capable. They don’t like people to see them as a weak person. Don’t get on their nerves – like the Hulk, you don’t want to be around them when they are angry especially when their primary fixation of vengeance is manifested.

It’s no surprise that their holy idea is truth seeking. They are the champions of what is right just like they are the defenders of the weak.

Their greatest fear is a loss of control. Control freaks by nature, they are truly afraid of not being in command.

They desire being autonomous and value their own protection above anything else. Territorial by nature, don’t ever cross into their borders or shift them.

Their biggest temptation is self-sufficiency. They want to do everything by themselves often neglecting the leverage of a team. They don’t realize that asking for help doesn’t mean that a person is weak. On the contrary, only a strong person asks for the right kind of help and empowers others to succeed.

Their greatest vice is lust as they want lots and lots of things. Like a bulldozer, they will plow through things to get what they want and sometimes at the expense of others.

However, this type is at their best when they embrace magnanimity which means liberality in bestowing gifts; extremely liberal and generous of spirit.

Type eights with a wing of seven are often expansive and powerful. They can also appear like the cheerful maverick with a bravado that is less serious. The other wing manifests a preternatural calmness – slow to abrupt and less confronting compared to the ‘pure’ challenger.

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