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Chapter 8: Split Testing Ads

Chapter 8: Split Testing Ads

Split testing your ads is so crucial to a successful campaign that it should not be overlooked. Too many marketers set up a campaign and then don’t go back in and check the performance of their ads, they often get frustrated because they are not seeing the results that they had hoped for.

The basics of split testing can be complicated to understand so we will simplify it here as much as possible.

Basically you want to understand that split testing means using more than one ad in your paid traffic campaign. You

will have two different versions of your campaign and this are referred to as A and B.

An easy example of how this works relates to email marketing. You send 500 people one version of and email and you send a second version to another 500 people. Then you would compare your results. How many people opened your email and how many clicked the link inside your email?

Variations you would make include using different headlines and then making slightly different changes in your email. For example when it comes to getting them to click on a link you might want to add a deadline such as ‘Only Available until

Friday at Midnight’ instead ‘Click Here to Buy’.

If you use sites like Google Ads and Bing Ads then they offer you the ability to split test your ads when setting up your campaign. All the major companies including Amazon, Microsoft, Google, WalMart and E-bay all use split testing in their marketing campaigns.

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