The Millionaire Mindset

Chapter 8: Goodwill and Benevolence

Benevolence is very important, whether through your physical work or by emotions. It is not only beneficial to person at the receiving end but also to yourself. Selflessness can be shown through various ways.

The Good
When you concentrate on others instead of yourself, positive energies build up and situations are created for success. They unravel themselves in form of unexpected and abundant positive responses. This may include change of behavior from being miser and mean to selflessness. Good luck with inflow of abundant money may come your way with such kind gestures.

A miserly man decided to pay for the education of his friend’s son, whose financial background was not so strong. This gesture is out of his character. Next day all of a sudden he receives payment for the invoice, which has been pending since long. (In the above circumstances, the miser man understood the link between forgetting his stringiness and the positive response he got from life. He also noted that the amount, which he generously gave away, was almost equal to the amount he received from the unexpected quarters)

Benevolence and generosity
You can bring good luck in your life by being kind and generous towards others. When an individual send appreciation and goodwill to his friends and different customers he was showered with good news in form of money, sales and other good lucks.

Have goodwill at work.
To attract money you need to have goodwill towards the other people around you as well as circumstance and situation around you. Goodwill in your work will attract lots of money into your life. Out flow of surplus goodwill will create inflow of surplus money. For example if a salesman puts his 100% effort in his work, it is possible that the day he will experience good luck in form of more demand, more work and more opportunities etc.

This example shows you that the use of goodwill can be directly related to money and success.
Why do goodwill and benevolence attract money?

Think of money as force and not thing. The force believes in encouraging mutual advantages relationship between individuals. Money is the power for human interchange and communication.

Money can be compared to language. Language enables human to interact with other humans. Think of a person who decides to remain silent and wants to keep all the words to himself.

Will this decision help him? Definitely no! Language itself is for communication. Language is grows and is beneficial only if we use it for communication. The more you use it the more you understand it and are able to relate to it. Language enables a single person to communicate with the whole society. We do not store language. Therefore we can conclude that more people use our language, it much easier to relate with others. It can be applied to money.

Money is similar to language. When we relate money with others, money grows. When we help others to prosper and try to encourage successful in individual around us, we will attract money. Goodwill and benevolence will attract more flow of money into our life. The more you give, the more you receive.

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