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Chapter 8: Domain Name Selection

Chapter 8: Domain Name Selection

If you believe the selection procedure and the name you have picked out for your domain name won’t make any difference in the search rankings of your fresh or existing site, think once more.

Nowadays more than ever, all search engines do give a lot of weight to the keywords or phrases that are in your URL. Ask any SEO pro that has been in that business for awhile and they'll tell you that the cautious research and the final choice of the domain name you'll utilise may have a tremendous positive affect in the search results pages from any search engine in existence now. Your URL Once you have to register a fresh domain name for an existing web site or a new web site under construction, the beginning thing you have to do is decide if it will be a .com, a .net or a .ca domain name, or any additional variations, as there are many.

If you truly wish to score high and closer to the top in the search engines, then attempt to get a domain name that has 1 or 2 (or 3) of your most crucial keywords in it, as it will greatly help you in the results pages when individuals type in keywords that are intimately affiliated with the theme of your web site. Likewise, for that extra ‘punch’ in the search engines, I advise that you put a dash in between them, like this: www.your-main-keywords.com

Many major search engines now treat hyphenated domain names as separated words. If these separated words happen to be your most crucial keywords, you're ahead of the game. As a few will tell you that dashes in domain names look clumsy and I fully agree, if you are able to, attempt also registering the non-hyphenated version also, like : www.yourmainkeywords.com

If you aren’t prepared to construct your site immediately, there are likewise many additional options that may be added to any registered domain name at any time, like the ability to:

Arrange the domain name on a server with a “Coming Soon” page

Temporarily re-direct the URL to a different place of your choice

Temporarily re-direct to a subdirectory of a different URL • Begin utilizing your new domain name e-mail address (highly suggested)

Lend relevant body text & keywords to your “Coming Soon” page

There are significant advantages to having your own domain name, like:

  1. Branding - Your site address may be a valuable brand name for you. You want individuals to recall it and utilize it on a habitué basis, with every use acting as another brand reinforcement. You lose that solid identity if your visitors have to put something like www.yourcompany.ispname.othername.com
  2. Independence - Should your ISP or hosting service supplier no longer meet your needs or leaves the business , you'll have to move your site’s URL and traffic along with the physical shift of your site's server IP address. After all, you've invested time and cash to build up traffic, so you shouldn't have to begin all over again merely because your needs shift or for whatever other reason. In the net world, registered domain names are affiliated with name servers.

    When you choose to change the location of your site, your new name servers will be updated in the who-is record held by your registrar. As a result, your site visitors will mechanically be sent to your new host. The bottom line is that you maintain all your traffic and all your sales. If you don’t own your domain name, you won't have the luxury of taking your traffic with you.

  3. Marketing - Your company or business alone gets to enjoy the increased traffic from each dollar passed marketing your site. If you don't have your own domain name, the company affiliated with your site name will instead glean the benefits of your promotional endeavours.

The cautious selection and wording of your domain name is among the most vital parts of the first steps in setting up any site, old or new. As I've discussed above, it may have a drastic affect in the search engine results pages (SERP’s). In a few extreme cases, and depending upon the competitiveness of your industry, it may almost mean the difference between a winner and failure, as far as its visibleness in the search engines is related.

When you have a domain name that was correctly selected, both for your most crucial keywords and perhaps your branding, what’s left is the cautious optimisation of your web site to ensure all that supplied visibility in the search engines.

Think about a business site just as any other business asset. It's an un-tangible, marketable title of property that may grow substantially in value and it ought to become an crucial ally to your business, while at the same time help you in your long-run promotional efforts.

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