Start Living A Spiritual and Sane Life

Chapter 7: Who Are You, Really?

So, if you're not your mind, and you're not your ego or your emotions, then who or what are you?

You are simply the awareness that is present underneath all the noise and clutter of the mind, body, ego, and emotions.

And, the moment you become aware that you are that awareness, that is the beginning of your awakening.

However, this life here on earth is still what your current reality is. You still have a body and you still have a "life" here on this planet, with your family, friends, and so on.

And that's fine. Because, as mentioned in the beginning of this report, being spiritual is not about escaping or avoiding current reality, i.e. your life on earth.

Being spiritual is about living on earth fully, while you're here. And, that means, you can still interact with - and even enjoy - all the people, creatures and things that are on this planet and in this material life.

But, your existence here on this planet, as a human, is temporary. That's just how it is.

Soon, you and everybody else that is in your life right now will die. All of you will eventually leave everything you own and know, behind.
And, that's okay ...because, that's how existence on this planet, and in this life, happens. Every life comes and goes. That's the cycle.

So, your job is not to start worrying about what has already happened, or even what is going to happen.

Your job is to be here on this planet, in this life, fully. And, since you are a human being, living fully means allowing your human part as well as your being part to both be present at all times, or as often as you possibly can, while you live your life here on earth.

And, the more present you become, the more aware you become of this way of living, the more spiritual you become.

And, as you continue to practice this 'spiritual' way of living, by bringing that presence, awareness and stillness into your current life right now... the deeper you can go, and the more you can touch your inner self, your true self...which is not only your true essence but the essence of life itself.

What that means is, your essence and the essence of life itself is the same essence. And, every living being on this planet - and in this universe - is also made up of that same essence.

All the other stuff - the mind, ego, body, emotions - are just the stuff that's thrown on top.

In other words, at the deepest level of existence, you, everyone else, everything else, this entire universe, and life itself are all one.

This is not something that you should simply start to believe because you read it here or heard it elsewhere. Nor is this something that should replace your existing or past beliefs.

As I mentioned towards the beginning of this report, spirituality is not about what you believe. Because beliefs are primarily mind-based.

Beliefs do not have to be true or factual in order for them to be accepted and 'believed' by your mind.

Beliefs do not have to be true or factual in order for them to be accepted and 'believed' by your mind.

And, the essence of spirituality has nothing to do with thinking or even believing.

The only way to know the truth in the above explanations - about who you really are - is to experience it yourself.

The only way to do that is to start living a spiritual life, by being yourself fully, and being one with life itself at every moment - or as much of your day (hence, your life) as possible.

So, living a spiritual life - a one where your awareness and presence is at the forefront - allows you to continue to be in touch with that essence - which is inside you and inside everything else in the universe. It allows you to know it. Not to just believe in it, but to actually know it first hand.

And, when you live your life from that place, when you live a spiritual life, all of your problems that are created by the thoughts and beliefs about being separate, better, worse, more or less successful than others - all of those problems simply start to dissolve.

The way to do that is to start with what's in front of you right now...the present moment.

By living being fully present physically, mentally, and everything you do and everything you encounter (even those things that appear to be problems,) you allow yourself to know who you really are.

You don't need other people, or things, or even accomplishments to define you, to give you an identity, or to tell you who you are. None of that stuff is needed anymore. And you stop chasing after more and more, so you can finally find yourself.

And you continuously touch that place deep inside you - the essence, life itself - by living in this way.

Then, life becomes a friendly and supportive place. For most people, life is a very hostile and dangerous place where everything and everyone is constantly after you.

All of that stops. All of your problems go away. The fighting and struggling with life stops – or at least starts to go away. That doesn't mean that you won't face challenges in life. Life is always changing and evolving (or growing, if you like that word better)... and you simply change and grow along with it.

And, you stop fighting with your challenges and simply take the appropriate action - which comes out of that deeper place/essence inside of you...instead of the (surface) reactive place controlled by your mind and ego.

So, by being fully present in what you do - always - and by accepting whatever is in your life right now as the present moment, you stop fighting and struggling with life.

And, you take inspired action...which may be to deal with the situation/challenge, to walk away from it, or to do nothing. All of those are appropriate responses - depending on the specific situation. That is what living spiritually is about. And, you can start doing that right now...starting with this very moment.

You don't have to wait for tomorrow, or when you have accomplished this or that, in order to start. You don’t have to listen to your mind or ego telling you to “wait for the future” to be spiritual.

You can be spiritual right here, right this present moment. And, you can be just as spiritual as anybody else.

Finally, please keep this advice in mind… Now that you’re spiritual, and are living a spiritual life, don’t let the mind and ego trick you into carrying around yet another label… the new label of being “spiritual.” 😉
It’s an easy trick to fall for. As I mentioned earlier, the mind and ego are very good at what they do. They’ve had a lot of practice.

So, you don’t have to start telling others, or bragging, about how spiritual you have suddenly become… about how you have now awakened and are more “evolved” than they are. Doing so would be coming from a place that’s driven by the ego and the mind.

You just simply be. That’s the true spirit of being spiritual… it’s the true spirit of spirituality.

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