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Chapter 7: Type 5 and 6 Characteristics

An investigator is an analyzer of information and the best course of action. They are also a type of thinker who likes to take a back seat, observe the situation, make all the analytical considerations for the best options and comes back after a full analysis of the situation is done.
A type six is a mixed bag of fear versus courage, loyalty versus skepticism and the guardian angel or the rebel. They are the person who is epitomized by the famous song “Stand by me”.

Type 5 Characteristics - Observer, Investigator, Thinker, Sage or Voyeur

They typically do not share their emotional state with others as they hold back often finding security in their minds where they can withdraw and strategize, only to emerge later with full confidence! You can always count on them to give intelligent answers, and when they are interested in something, they tend to become really well read and knowledgeable in that area.

They are also a little shy but more independent (or reluctant to accept help) preferring to get things done on their own even when other people are more than willing to give help. They tend not to share anything much especially when their primary fixation of stinginess is manifested.

Their holy idea is Omniscience. They will not stop until they know and understand everything their finite minds can hold. Their greatest fear is uselessness or helplessness. They, like the type threes also desire to be highly competent.

They desire to be competent in all tasks. Because they are the big brains of the group, they are often looked upon as the one with all the answers and the best course of action.

Their biggest temptation is over thinking. Because of their introverted, analytical nature, they tend to hold back, not taking action.

Their greatest vice is avarice – because of their desire to know and have everything coupled with their stingy nature, they often fall into this problem of wanting everything for themselves.

However, the type ones are at their best when they learn to detach themselves and live free.

Type fives with a wing of four and wins of six have one strong distinction – art and science. Wing fours combine intellectual and emotional imagination. Those with wings of sixes are technically competent and are very good at finding the distinctions in what’s working and what’s missing.

Type 6 Characteristics - Loyal Person, Devil's Advocate, Skeptic, Guardian or Rebel

The day they build solid trust with someone, they will stick by them all the way until the end. They are a very unique type of people when it comes to trust because they tend to trust people almost as much as they distrust people at the same time. These people are always constantly looking for something or someone to believe in deeply – once the people they believe in have ‘earned their trust’, they will be loyal till death.

They tend to react to fear in one or two ways
(especially when their primary fixation of cowardice is manifested) either by embracing the fear head one (counter-phobic six) or avoiding it at all costs (phobic six).

It’s no surprise that their holy idea is faith. They always believe that in spite of their fears and uncertainties, something good always lie around the corner.

Their greatest fear is isolation and vulnerability. They can’t live without a strong support system and they can’t stand being abandoned.

They desire safety above all else. They are skeptics by nature and will question everything and test everything until it breaks but deep down inside, they wish to know that everything will be okay.

Their biggest temptation is suspiciousness which leads to them questioning motives and relationships can become very taxing.

Their greatest vice fear as they are generally fearful of many things and they relate their lives, their stresses and their motivations towards or away from their fears.

However, the type ones are at their best when they develop the courage to face their fears.

Type sixes with a wing of give are often more introverted and intellectual. They can become very strong critics. The other wings are the types that appear more overtly nervous. They can also falsely accuse others without realizing it. They are also more charming and sociable.

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