Being A Public Speaking Celebrity

Chapter 7: Rehearse Your Speech In Your Head

Being able to speak at public engagements is sometimes a very daunting exercise to perform, but there are things that can be done to make the entire experience more comfortable and less stressful.

Go Over It Time And Time Again

When an individual is able to deliver a speech well, the resounding applause received can be a big boost to the individual’s ego. Therefore being well prepared and making a good presentation would be the ideal intention to root for or focus on. Some people find that rehearsing a speech several times in their heads helps to give them some level of confidence and a sense of the overall requirements for the presentation. Actions, vocal adjustments, facial and hand expressions, body language and many other connecting elements, can be easily imagined in the mind’s eye before a presentation is actually made.

When the individual is confident enough of the preparation, the underlying feelings of anxiety can be easily eradicated, as he or she is well prepared mentally and physically to deliver the intended speech. Rehearsing everything in the mind, several times can also contribute to the natural delivery of the speech at the actual venue and time. Sometimes the repetitive exercise allows the individual to maintain a certain level of focus even when there are distractions from the audience and this is mainly due to the fact that everything is already clear in the individual’s mind. Therefore there would be no worry of losing track of the speech or losing confidence altogether.

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