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Chapter 6: Type 3 and 4 Characteristics

Achievers are top performers who live for the validation of others. They love the lime light and they will do whatever it takes to attain success, wealth, fame, or anything that will get the attention of their community. They are the types that are hardworking, competitive, striving and loves high performance challenges and rewards such as top sales, best division or even the highest score in a video game.
Themed the one-of-a-kinds, the individualist is a person who thrives as being completely unique to the rest of humanity.

They are very self-conscious about their individuality and are beings of boundless creativity because they are different from others. They hate the mundane, routine and anything that is common. Deep thinkers and analyzers, they are the philosophers of life and they have a strong interest in arts, even if they do not wind up to become artists.

Type 3 Characteristics - Performer, Motivator, Achiever, Producer or Status Seeker

They are also extroverted, have high energy because of the way they present themselves, love their images of success and will never back down lest they be labeled as a ‘loser’. Often the chameleon, they can sometimes appear ‘fake’ especially when their primary fixation of vanity and image worship is manifested. They have difficulty differentiating themselves from a human being versus a ‘human doing’.
It’s no surprise that their holy idea is hope. They are constantly undertaking new projects being driven by the need to achieve or ‘get’ something new. When one project is done, they hope to achieve something else in their new project.

Their greatest fear is worthlessness – the inability to be competent in situations.

They desire to be of value to others because they often define their self worth in terms of accolades and prestige.

Their biggest temptation is to try and please everybody. Because their lives are defined by the expectations of others, society, or the success driven culture, they tend to compromise who they truly are becoming robotic and emotionless in the process of their pursuit.

Their greatest vice is deceit. This deception does not mean that they are outright liars but it means that they are the person that will immerse themselves in the role they are playing to get a certain result. In other words, their ‘human doing’ side of them manifests so strongly that the actor becomes the role they are playing.

However, the type ones are at their best when they learn to be truly authentic and truthful to themselves – acknowledging their core desires and restoring their hope.

Types threes with a wing of two have a tendency to be extremely charming and helpful. They always want to seem like the perfect spouse, parent or friend. Type threes with a wing of four are generally less image conscious, can have illusions of grandiosity and desires more artistic results.

Type 4 Characteristics - Individualist, Artist, Over-Analyzer, Mystic or Melodramatic Elitist

They are aesthetically sensitive, excessively romantic and they love everything about self-expression, self-discovery or self-revelation… often sharing their great findings to others and giving a strong contribution to the world. They also manifest themselves as very moody and reserved people especially when their primary fixation of melancholy is manifested.

Their holy idea is seeking their true origin. They are the people who will not stop until they discover their true self – often driving deep into their emotions to learn more and more about themselves.

Their greatest fear is to appear common. They hate the mundane, the routine and the ordinary, preferring to be above the norm.

They desire uniqueness and authenticity. They will do anything to feel special, one of a kind and they desire authentic and real communication with others – often hating the façade of fakery.

Their biggest temptation is self-castigation and withdrawal. When they feel incomplete or doing something wrong, they tend to beat themselves up relentlessly and withdraw from the scary outside world.

Their greatest vice is envy as they are always constantly desiring what others have thinking that their lives are so perfect or complete (due to them thinking that they are never complete).

They are at their best when they learn the art of equanimity – by embracing the power of now and accepting the moment… enjoying every blissful moment of it.

Type fours with a wing of three are often more aristocratic form of elitism – the more extroverted of the individualist types while fours with a wing of fives are more withdrawn, complex, researching and live in a private mythology of pain and loss.

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