Start Living A Spiritual and Sane Life

Chapter 6: Spirituality Today

I'm sure you know by now that you cannot find spirituality out there in the future. You cannot be spiritual tomorrow because your mind and ego will keep you busy and distracted.

Therefore, contrary to what your mind and ego will have you believe, you can only be spiritual today.
Because today is all that you have.

Similarly, you can't know who you are by looking in the future. Because, again, tomorrow will never come.
When tomorrow does get here, it will be in the form of today. And your mind and ego will continue to trick you into looking out to tomorrow again, i.e. into the future... instead of focusing on today.

So, your only realistic choice, your only way around the cunning mind and ego is to start being spiritual today.
But, when is the best time to start being spiritual? What time today should you start being spiritual?

Spirituality Now

The only time you can practice being spiritual is right now, in the present moment.
Otherwise, your mind and ego will find a way to sneak into the forefront of your life (if they're not already driving your life) and distract you, make you sad, regretful, or fearful.

At the beginning of this report, we discussed that the essence of spirituality is about being. It is about being yourself fully, and being one with life itself.

We also discussed that being spiritual is not about escaping or avoiding your current reality (which is here on earth.) It is also not about preparing yourself for some event or place in the future.

So, in order to truly be spiritual, you have to do it the present moment. In fact, right now is the only thing that's real. Because the past is already gone, and the future is not real. It hasn't happened yet, so it only exists in the land of possibility, i.e. it only exists in your mind.

That means, you have to really "get" the fact that all you have is the present moment. This moment that's right in front of you is all there is.
So in the end, how spiritual you are in life boils down to how connected you are to life.

And, how connected you are to life boils down to how connected you are to the present moment, i.e. right now.

Because life is always about the present moment. Life is only about the present moment. That's all there ever is. And, that's all there ever will be.

Everything else is just thoughts and conditioned patterns floating around in your head.

Practicing Spirituality Now

The only way you can ever be spiritual in your life is by being fully present in whatever is in front of you right now.
You can do this by bringing all your focus and all your awareness to the present moment.

It doesn't matter what's going on in your life right now...whether its good, bad, pleasant, unpleasant, exciting, boring, or simply horrible.
Your mind will continue to try to distract you by labeling, analyzing, and judging the present moment.

And, your ego will continue to try to run away from the present moment, so it can be in some other future moment.

But, escaping this moment, or labeling and judging it will not do.

In order to be spiritual right now, you will have to be fully present. And, the only way to be fully present in this moment - while your mind and ego are busy trying to pull you away, is through acceptance.

So, the beginning of spirituality is in acceptance. When you accept whatever is happening in front of you right now, without trying to judge it or deny it, you open up to life itself.

Because, life can only be found - it can only exist - in the present moment.

And, by accepting life, you attain spirituality fully. You get to touch the spiritual realm where everything in life happens. Because it cannot happen anywhere else except in the present moment.

Accepting the present moment does not mean that you agree with what's going on, especially if whatever's going on is negative, or existing in the form of a negative experience.

Accepting the present simply means that you acknowledge that this is what is happening right now. That's all.
So that you can stop trying to change what already is, right in front of you, because it is already here – it is already happening or has already happened.

Acceptance simply means that you don't try to deny or run away from life.

Sure, if right now is an unpleasant moment, you can change it, or you can walk away from it.

But, by accepting it for what it is first, you take away the power of your mind and ego from judging incorrectly and then reacting emotionally to the situation.

As we discussed early on in this report, you can never solve a problem if you can't even see the problem for what it really is.

And, if your mind and ego is busy trying to distract you, you will never fully see what's in front of you. As such, you will often react in anger, disgust, fear or other such negative emotions.

Any action that is motivated by negative emotions will only create more problems in the future...whether it's the next moment or the next year.

And besides, being filled with negative emotions will not allow you to be spiritual anyway.

That is why, you have to accept the present for what it is first. And when you do, you get clarity (because your mind and ego goes away for that moment,) and you can then make much better decisions and take better action.

The more of your life you can open up to, by opening up to more and more "moments" in your life (because that's what life is - a series of moments,) the more spiritual you can become.

And, the more spiritual you become, by practicing being in the present moment fully, the more you will get to know who you really are.

That is the essence of spirituality. That is the only way in which you can live a spiritual life.

Everything else that you do, think or plan for is secondary.

On the flip side, whenever you are trying to escape or deny the present moment instead of accepting it for what it is - right now, you are being in conflict with the present moment. And, when you are in conflict with the present moment, you are in conflict with life itself.
Being in conflict with life, i.e. the present moment, will only create more problems and suffering for you, and for everyone around you.
And, it will continue to pull you further and further away from your true self, your spirit, and your spirituality.

So, being spiritual right now is the only solution. It's the only way to live life. And, living a spiritual life is as simple as being fully present in whatever you are doing right now, i.e. in the present moment.

When you do that, your ego and your mind has no power over you. Because becoming fully aware of the present moment dissolves your ego, and it quiets your mind, without your trying or focusing it to happen.

That means, living in the present moment is the only way to live life. Because the present moment is all there is. It is life itself.

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