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Chapter 6: Generating Traffic To Your Squeeze Page

The problem with most traffic generating strategies is NOT the strategy itself; it’s the unwillingness of the individual to implement what he/she learns. The proof of this is obvious to see. There are hundreds of traffic strategies out there that work – and they work damn well, but for some reason, people don’t take action and get their ass in gear.

I certainly can’t make you take action – and I can’t magically give you a strategy that suits your needs. All I can do is give you the methods I use myself and hope you bloody put them to use. There’s no point coming this far and falling at the last hurdle.

Let’s get to it…

6.a. - Business Card Strategy:

This is a very easy traffic method to implement and one that has generated consistent results for me month after month. You won’t get rich using this method – but when added to the other traffic strategies I’ll be showing you later, they all add up.

First – go over to and create a simple card with a catchy headline and a link to your squeeze page on the front.

You’ll notice this card is not going to win any awards for its design – but it does exactly what we want it to do. When you create your card you will have the option of saving it into a PDF document of 10 cards per page. You then take that document to your local library and get 50 -100 sheets printed up. This should cost you no more than 5 bucks.

Take your printed sheets home – get a ruler & blade – and cut them up until you have 500 – 1000 business cards at your disposal. You then take these cards out to bookstores, newsagents, libraries and any other place where they have books and magazines related to the niche you are promoting, and place them inside.

You won’t get hoards of traffic, but what you will get is “super-targeted” traffic that is primed for the content you will be promoting. I’d much rather have 100 super target visitors to my offer than 10000 untargeted visitors.

Think about this for one second. If you were looking to lose weight and you went out and bought a magazine related to weight loss - and found a related business card inside with a website address telling you to go there for free stuff, would you go to that website? Of course, you would, so would I.

This is a strategy that’s simple, cheap and easy to implement. Always have a couple of these cards on your person when leaving the house – and put them everywhere. Give some to your partner, brother, sister, mother, and grandmother and make sure they do the same. Be consistent with this method and you will generate leads and sales without a doubt.

P.S.. Another similar strategy is to go over to and get some “bookmarks” made up with your web address printed on both sides and put them into niche related books. The bookmarks will not be thrown aside – and because they are professionally designed – the reader will use them all the way through the book. This method is fricking gold – but it costs a bit more than the business cards, which work wonderfully well regardless.

If you want to try the bookmark method – you could send the traffic directly to a paid product on Clickbank or somewhere similar, where there’s a decent commission per sale. Remember, these visitors are super targeted. I’ve made thousands per month promoting high ticket services with this strategy.


6.b. - Guest Posting

I know you’ve heard of guest posting before – but are you using the power of this traffic method? If not, why not? Guest posting is not only about getting articles published on high traffic websites though. You also have the added advantage of being able to communicate with your potential prospects by participating and answering questions on the posts you write. This is powerful stuff. If you write a quality post that highlights your expertise in a particular area, you will inevitably have people willing to follow you back to your squeeze page and sign up for your freebie.

The traffic from guest posting can be the most targeted traffic out there - and the relationships you can build can benefit you for months and years to come. I have had people follow me around reading my posts on different blogs and leaving great comments about my work. At one stage my girlfriend thought I had stalkers.

Anyway, this is a powerful method - you have no excuse now when it comes to getting visitors to your offer. The trick is to be consistent though. Two guest posts every week on high traffic blogs will do wonders. After a couple of weeks, you will have no problem being able to bang out a guest post in an hour.

How to find guest blog opportunities…

Google Search => “(Niche topic)” “(Guest Blog Phrase)”

Guest Blog Phrases...

Write for Us

Add Guest Post

Bloggers Wanted

Guest Bloggers Wanted

Guest Post

Guest Posts Roundup

Guest Blogging Spot

Submit a Guest Post

Submit Guest Post

Become a Guest Blogger

Submit a Guest Article

Guest Post Guidelines

Guest Bloggers Wanted

When submitting guest posts, your content must be of a very high quality. If your content is average, you won’t get your article accepted. Another thing to keep in mind is the quality of the blog you submit your articles to. Only aim to get your articles posted on high traffic blogs.

You can, of course, go for lower traffic sites within the 5k rage if you like, but keep in mind that your time is valuable – and if your article is of a high quality, there’s no reason you can’t get them published on higher traffic blogs out there.

Some website owners will not let you link directly to your squeeze page. If this is the case, just move on and keep searching until you find ones that will. Most won’t have a problem. If you came to me with a quality article, I’d have absolutely no problem putting a link at the end of your post back to a squeeze page. A good strategy would be to ask if you can link to a squeeze page or directly to your sales page. Given these two options, a webmaster will usually let you link to your squeeze page.

Tip: If you find a great website that you think would be a great place to post an article, but they do not advertise guest posting, simply contact them directly and ask them. You’d be surprised how many webmasters will accept a quality guest post even if they have not done so in the past. Be dogged in your determination with getting your articles onto high traffic websites. After all, this is your business we’re talking about. Treat it as such.

Tip: Download this free guest blogging eBook (no affiliation on my part). You will undoubtedly get a lot of great insights, tips, tricks, and strategies.  Guest  Blogging eBook


6.c. - Forum Posting

Forums are another great place to promote your brand, products, and services to targeted people within your niche. I use forums for many different reasons, but my main reason is for promotional purposes. I have quite a bit of knowledge in the internet marketing industry and I would like to promote what I have to offer to that particular market…what better place than where these people hang out every day?

A simple little signature profile at the bottom of your posts can bring in a lot of traffic over time to your service, providing you give value to the forum that is. I have seen forum posters leave one sentence posts in an attempt to get their signature file on many threads within the forum. This is a complete waste of time and will drive very little if any visitors to your squeeze page. Adding little to no value to a forum is a waste of your time and a waste of the forums capabilities of helping you with your online presence.

If you go to the most popular forums that exist on the net today, you will see many well-known people adding consistent value to that forum. These marketers know exactly what they are doing and they reap the benefits tenfold.

Alexa Smith is a regular poster on the warrior forum and she provides incredible value to participants of that forum on a consistent basis. Alexa has marketers, and "would be" marketers, hanging onto her every word. If she decided tomorrow to launch a product within the warrior forum, she would make a boatload of cash overnight, simply because she provides valuable information every post she writes or responds to. This is how forum marketing is done effectively.

The key to making your forum presence work for you is to provide as much value to the members of that forum on a consistent basis. Joining forums with the purpose of promoting your service is short-sighted; your only goal is to provide as much valuable advice as possible to the members.

After a short while, you will notice a lot of people coming to your website by clicking on your signature link. If someone on a forum provided me with great advice on a particular question I had, I would absolutely click on the link in their signature…who wouldn’t?

Even if I didn’t ask a question in the forum but got some great tips from a fellow marketer by reading other threads that I have no posts in, I would still click through to their service regardless. Remember also, your valuable posts will be on the forum for a very long time, so you can have consistent exposure to your offer providing you regularly give value.

Where to Start with Forums:

Go to Google and look for forums related to your niche. If you search for “your niche” forums you’ll get plenty. Take your time and sift through the first couple of pages of the results that come back. Check to see which forums have the largest community, the most interactions and whether they allow a signature.

Pick just 5 high-quality forums in your niche and set out a schedule to post on these forums every single day for the next 30 days.

Some forums won’t allow you put a link in your signature until you have accumulated a certain amount of posts in the forum. This is fine. Your goal here is to be a part of that community, so don’t let this discourage you. If you posted 5 comments a day you’ll have 25 – 30 posts in a week – and then you should be able to add a link to your squeeze page in your signature. Be consistent with this strategy because you will get a lot of targeted prospects and buyers onto your list from forum posting.


6.d. - Video Marketing

Video marketing is very, very powerful. You don’t have to put your mug in the videos you create. All that’s needed here are short “to the point”5-minute video PowerPoint slideshows. You should post one of these videos every day for 30 days. Sounds like a lot doesn’t it? – But I can assure you it takes no more than 10 minutes to create a short video once you get the hang of it.

Go to  youtube keyword tool and search for your niche, like so…

When I searched for “weight loss” I was met with these highly searched for terms above. So, we know these are hot buttons – what we need to do now is create a 5-minute presentation (slides) video highlighting the above titles.

Example: Create a 5-minute video on the 10 best weight loss tips (should take you no more than 10 minutes)

The next day creates another 5-minute video on how important “yoga” is for weight loss.

Continue with the process each day for 30 days. Place a link to your squeeze page in the description box beneath the video and write a compelling description that entices people to click on the link.

Place your keywords in the title of your video – but add a bit more punch to the title.

Example: Instead of “weight loss tips” – your headline should read more like.. “Watch

As I Show You The Most Powerful Weight Loss Tips That Helped Me Drop 30lbs In 30 Days”

The difference between the headlines is night and day – and you still have the keywords in the title. You should also add a boatload of tags to your video, with relevant search strings people are searching for in Google, or YouTube.

TIP: Have your squeeze page link showing in the actual video – and It should be visible from the beginning of the video until the very end. Tag your video with relevant search terms that people are looking for.

Tip: When creating your video, make sure to leave at least a 10-second slide at the very end with a call to action. To do this you just let the video run a little longer when you’re recording it and have the last PowerPoint slide a blank page with a “call to action” on it.

Tip: Round up as many friends as you can find and ask them to leave a comment on your video. YouTube will rank your video much higher when there is interaction on your uploads.

If you persist with this for 30 days I guarantee you’ll get a lot of traffic back to your squeeze page. You’ll build a targeted list and make a few sales in the process.

To record your PowerPoint video, you can use Camstudio free recording tool - or – ScreenCap Studio If you have never created a video before online – I suggest you get your ass in gear and start doing it. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube showing you how to create short PowerPoint videos – go there, learn it, and start creating your videos ASAP.


6.e. - Facebook Fan Page

If you have picked a niche that you plan on spending a lot of time working on, then you should think about creating a fan page. This is by far one of the best marketing strategies out there for non Internet marketing niches.

When you create your fan page, you should immediately start populating it with quality content. You then go out and join other pages within the same niche and start interacting. Spend 20 minutes each day interacting with well-established fan pages and leave valuable comments and insights. If you are consistent with this, you’ll see your fan page grow very quickly.

The more you Interact on these pages, the more your own page will be on view to targeted people within your niche. After a week or so of regular commenting and Interactions, you can follow this killer strategy…


Here’s What You Do:

Open up notepad on your desktop and write a swipe message to send to page owners. You will be using the same message to send to as many page owners as you like. Now, in that message, it’s vitally important to do 3 things…

  • The first part of your message tells the owner of the page, that you think they’re doing a great job, and their fan page has some really great information. Thank them for sharing their knowledge and tell them you have a lot of experience in this niche.
  • The second part of the message should highlight that you have a great “fan page” you know their fans will love to read and that you are looking for a helping hand to get it up and running. You can expand on this however you see fit, but make sure they know that their fans will love the page and it will help them with their interests, you get the point. (Owners of fan pages like to share information with their followers, so you will not need to convince them too much)
  • The last part of the message is to highlight that you are an ethical marketer who has no intention of promoting your content on other people’s pages without the owner’s consent. Make sure they know you are not a spammer. They will not see you as a spammer because you are asking permission anyway. Tell them you would like to promote their page as soon as your page starts to grow.


Why This Works So Well:

I see other marketers spamming the walls of other page owners and getting very little return for their efforts. What these people fail to realize is that most people ignore links left by other people and only focus on posts shared by the page owners themselves. Can you see now why this works so well? You are not only getting your links on the page, you are getting the owners to place them there for you. This means your link will get much more attention and clicks.

Now, if you write a really compelling message to the page owner, you can build a relationship with them. This way they will be happy to share your content on a consistent basis. You can also ask them if they would like to share one of their own posts on your wall. The end goal here should be to build a relationship with page owners, this way they will not only share your link but will most likely ask their followers to do the same.

Note: Don’t forget to write a really compelling message to the page owners. You only have to write it once, and then send it to as many page owners as you want.

Fan pages can drive a lot of people to your squeeze page. Make sure your cover photo (header Image) is professional and that you mention you have a free book to give away just for the fans on your page. You need to post on your wall every single day – to make a schedule to spend 20 minutes each day working on your fan page.

The above 5 traffic generating methods are more than enough to generate you a consistent income and to build a targeted email list. I could sit here all day listing off more traffic methods for you to follow – but there would be no point. I wanted to share with you the ones that I think will bring you the greatest results – and that is super easy to use.

Once you have a handle on the above 5 traffic methods, I urge you to create a 30-day plan to stick to. Anyone who consistently uses these traffic strategies will see some really powerful results. After you have gone through this whole guide step by step and have everything set up, you need to start taking action.

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