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Chapter 6: Bing Advertising

Chapter 6: Bing Advertising

This works in a similar way to Google Ads and is Microsoft’s version of this popular advertising method. When you sign up to Bing Ads your user name will be used to identify you as a customer. Your account then gets organized in the following way:

Customer account contains one or more accounts An account is made up of campaigns – you may have multiple campaigns

Each campaign consists of ad groups

An ad group contains at least one ad and all of the keywords which are associated with the advertisement

Use the link below to sign up for Bing Ads:

When setting up your account it is important to know that you cannot change your currency or payment settings, so make sure you set these up correctly the first time.

When creating your ads you can use the Bing Ad Keyword and Research Tool. This will help you get ideas for your ads along with suggested keywords to target. It is often a good idea to create more than one ad group. Multiple ad groups are recommended and this is a great way to test your ads.

Once your ad is set up and active it is important to keep track of it. You should constantly monitor your ads and make edits to them. You may want to change the keywords you are using and to target your customers by using various locations.

Bing has plenty of resources available to help you make your advertising campaign as successful as possible including their performance reports.

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