The Millionaire Mindset

Chapter 6: “Attraction” A Powerful Tool

In our day-to-day conversation, we have all come across the theory of law of attraction with use of words like “positive thinking” and so. The theory may be new for us, but spiritual thinkers have had belief in these theories since many years.

Our power of thinking is very strong. It attracts whatever we want into our life. All of the universe will work towards achieving what we desire for whenever, we think or talk about it.

If we think negatively, we will be uttering negative words often. “I will not be able to perform” or “I am not capable of”. The Universe will pick up these words from your thoughts and give it back to you. Negativity will keep you away from your goal.

You can bring changes in your life by being positive about everything in your life. Your life will not change overnight it will take time. Once you seed positive thoughts in your life, it will bear desired fruit for you eventually. Start by feeling good about yourself and love yourself. As you water your seed of positive thoughts, it transforms your life and brings about necessary changes.

⇒ Be sure of want you want in life. Once you have decided on that, you can ask universe to help you achieve it. Try to create a clear image of what you desire.

⇒ Concentrate on your thoughts and watch what you say about your object of desire. Act and feel that what you are asking for is on your way. You will have to trick yourself in believing that what you desire in on its way and you need to feel the feeling.

⇒ Listen to your instinct, co-relate to them and understand what the universe is signalling at you. Receive all the messages with open mind. Universe is giving assurance to you that what you want is on its way. You will gain financial success as soon as you are able relate with Universe.

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