Making money by adding Google AdSense ads to your websites

Chapter 6: Additional Web Page Creation Software

You can use those tools in an honest and ethical waywhich is what we recommendto create very interesting and compelling content, or you can use them in an unethical way to lure users to a site that turns out to be not what they thought it was. Even though the latter approach will draw more traffic, we dont recommend it. And not just because its wrong, either. Think about it: if you went to a site and it wasnt what it had claimed to be, youd suspect the site owner cheated the search engines. And then you wouldnt stick around long enough to click on any of the ads, would you? Nope, neither would we. Its called backlash. And now, on to the wonderful tools that represent some of our top picks for compelling keyword-rich content creation.

Directory Generator

RSS Equalizer Integration

This feeds real news content into your websites.

• Integration

Amazon sells thousands of products and services and you can now integrate these products into your new Directory Generator sites with a simple copy and paste mechanism. If you can copy and paste you can instantly start making extra revenue from Amazon.

• Google Adsense Integration

Since its what this book is about, its great that Directory Generator has an easy way for you to integrate Google’s Adsense into your directory.

• Google Web search Integration

Google recently released an add-on for Adsense that is called Websearch. It allows you to put a Google search box on your site and get paid for any Adsense click it creates. Now this feature is in Directory Generator.

• Built In Classified Ads

Making a directory is not enough. You need to be able to funnel the traffic to where you want. So the DG people created a way to for you to create Classified Ads in Directory Generator that let you promote and drive targeted traffic to any site you want, even if it is an affiliate program.

• Step Creation Wizard Makes it easy to create DG pages. 8 simple steps, its done. Seriously, you can probably complete the whole process in just a few minutes. Can be done by an 8-year-old.

• Pre-Made Templates OK, so not everyones a webmaster and you dont have to be one to make money with Google AdSense and DG with this feature. There are pre-made templates for you to use. Just select one, fill some stuff in, youre done.

Turbo Traffic Generator

The Turbo Traffic Generator™ System is a plug-and-play turnkey machine which works like mad to instantly bring hits to any website! All you've to do is set it up and it runs automatically to send hordes of visitors to any site.

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