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Chapter 5: Using Paid Tools Like Market Samurai

Chapter 5: Using Paid Tools Like Market Samurai

Keyword inquiry is the most inherent part of an SEO campaign and it has to done with complete care.

Commonly we utilise the gratis keyword tool available and get a few facts and figures on the keywords. A big number of individuals utilise Google Keyword Tool.

Much of the time we get a few satisfactory keyword reports and use that information for further SEO activities.

This is all right with little sites or sites which have a market that don't have any severe search engine rivalry. However in the case of sites that have ferocious search engine rivalry, the gratis tools might not be adequate. They might not be able to supply keyword information from all the angles.

This is where a paid keyword inquiry tool comes into play.

A Closer Look

A few of the huge benefits of utilising a paid keyword research tool:

More Elaborate Information

Different from the gratis keyword research tools, the paid tools supply more detailed and broadened information which helps us to analyse the keywords more efficiently.

Multiple Search Engines

Paid keyword research instruments let you to accumulate keyword data from multiple search engines, which helps you to examine your keywords in a brighter way.

More Interactive Content

Many of the paid keyword research tools are capable of supplying more interactive reports like graphs which are much simpler to comprehend.


Keyword inquiry utilising paid keyword research tools truly saves a lot of time when likened to the free tools. There’s lots of advanced characteristics which makes the keyword research procedure faster.

More Dependable

As the keyword research tools get information from multiple sources, you get more reliable information and figures. This helps us in making our keyword research more effective.

Effective for SEM

Instead of benefiting for SEO Keyword research, paid keyword tools likewise help us to acquire more data for our SEM or paid marketing actions, which in turn help us to work out a better marketing budget.

Market Samurai

If you open up Market Samurai you'll discover the accompanying modules:

Keyword Research – determine extra related keywords for your seed keyword and break down their traffic, Adwords value, rivalry, purchasing intention and more.

SEO Rivalry – Market Samurai will get a look at the top 10 outcomes for your keyword and demonstrate how well they rank for a number of crucial SEO elements.

Rank Tracker – Add in your URLs and keywords, and Market Samurai will demonstrate where your web site ranks for every one of your keywords over time on Google,

Yahoo and Bing

Monetization – discover products to market on KOKOSHUNGSAN®, Amazon, CJ, and PayDot.

Discover Material – discover ebooks related to your keywords, which you are able to add to your site or blog.

Publish Material – oversee all your WordPress blogs in one place and put out your content simply.

Marketing – discover Web 2.0 web sites, blogs and bulletin boards that are related to your keyword where you are able to put your links.

Keyword Research

If constructing niche sites, doing the right keyword research is the key to success. You need to discover keywords that acquire much traffic, but don’t have so much rivalry that they're impossible to rank for. To begin with the keyword research module, you initially have to insert a seed keyword.

Push the Generate Keywords button and Market Samurai will travel out to Google and generate a list of relevant keywords to go with your seed keywords. You are able to filter this first list by an assortment of criteria, such as traffic, phrase length, and favourable and negative keywords. Following, you’ll need to drill down into every keyword by pushing the Analyse Keywords button. There is a ton of data it may search for every keyword including traffic stats (SEO and Adwords) and assorted SEO rivalry components. You are able to then filter these analyzed outcomes by adjusting thresholds for any of the different elements to come up with a fistful of awesome keywords to really target.

Keyword Rivalry

When you've discovered a few great prospective keywords, the following step is to examine them with the SEO rivalry module. In here, Market Samurai will get out and view the top ten search resultants for your keyword and show you in a simple to read table how these sites rate for an assortment of long-familiar SEO factors.

These take into account domain age, Google page rank, list of back-links and keyword in title and URL numbers. It’s truly nice how Market Samurai utilises colour codes the assorted cells, so you are able to tell at a glance how tough it would be to rank for your keyword. Red means hard, yellow is fair, and green is simple. So if the SEO rivalry table is satiated with red cells, you know immediately that ranking for this keyword will be really ambitious.

Rank Tracker

When you have chosen the perfect keyword, and have assembled a web site around it, you'll soon need to track how well your web site is ranking for that keyword. That is where the Rank Tracker module enters.

Here you are able to insert in a list of domains, and then a number of keywords you wish to track for that domain. Choose the search engines you wish to check and Market Samurai will travel out to everyone and tell you where your

URL ranks for every keyword in your list.
You’ll view the actual page URL on your domain that's ranking, as well as its list of back-links and page rank. The

Rank Tracker will likewise keep track of your placement and number of back-links and you are able to extract a nice looking graph to discover how your web site has bettered over time.

Market Samurai works on both Windows and Mac. It's a crazily powerful software for net marketers, and I only touched on the few modules I utilise most. The software is really able to do a great deal more too.

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