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Chapter 5: Type 1 and 2 Characteristics

The type ones are the strong perfectionists whether relating to self, home or society. Their constant desire is to improve things, make things better because things always never seem good enough to them. Their attention to detail is impeccable – often finding fault and fixing even the smallest things.

Helpers live to help others as far as their self worth is concerned. As long as they feel that they are in contribution to others, they feel they are worthy. They are typically selfless people and they believe that giving to others is their highest calling as they feel that love is the most important emotion in the world.

Type 1 Characteristics - Perfectionist, Reformer, Judge, Crusader or Critic

Highly principled and never compromising, they live by the book and follow all the rules or their code of conduct – they even expect others to do so as well. They also tend to be ambitious and to a point, like a workaholic. These people are truly serious people whose pursuit for perfection is often a blessing and a vice to people around them – especially when their primary fixation of resentment is manifested. It’s no surprise that their holy idea is perfection. They are completely relentless at doing the thing right (sometimes at the expense of doing the right thing).

Their greatest fear is to succumb to the corruptness or evil desires of imperfection. Cutting corners or taking the unethical way out is really painful to them.

They desire goodness, integrity and balance – because they often believe that being the good boy or good girl is the best way to go. Their biggest temptation is hypocrisy and hypercriticism. Because humans are imperfect beings, the constant pressure on perfection will lead them to manifest their hypocrisy as they cannot live to the high, lofty standards that they set for themselves and others. They are also extremely nit-picky because their greatest fear of being disappointed in others lead them to find fault with people’s character.

Their greatest vice is anger and they express it by repressing it (convinced that the good boy or good girl never gets angry as it is ‘improper’). Often, this catches them at the worst times and it leads to outbursts of extreme criticisms.
However, the type ones are at their best when they learn to accept the imperfections of themselves and others in order to take the right action.

Type ones with a wing of nine are often more peace loving with a subtle detached attitude while ones with a wing of two are generally warmer and has humanistic tendencies and sometimes extremely self-righteous tendencies.

Type 2 Characteristics - Giver, Caretaker, Helper, Nurturer, Advisor or Manipulator

These are the warmest, most helpful people around who will never forget your birthday (or feel really guilty when they do so…) and will go the extra mile to help one in need. An extrovert in nature, they work hard to relate and show love to all their friends and family. They live for appreciation and often fall into the trap of tending to the needs of others at the neglect of their own which often causes a problem. They are also highly manipulative especially when their primary fixation of flattery is manifested.

A helper’s their holy idea is freedom. They love to express their love, care, feelings and emotions openly and happily with other people.

Their greatest fear is that they are not worthy of the love of others. Their greatest difficulty is in defining their own needs because they tend to define their self worth through the eyes of others. If people think of them as a special friend, they will feel special – otherwise they will not have their own self worth.

They desire unconditional love which is often a two way thing. They like to give unconditional love and often expect unconditional love leading to doing things for others with strings attached.

Their biggest temptation is in being overtly or subtly manipulative. Because they are often doing it ‘for their own good’ it can sometimes lead to harm instead of goodness – hence the proverb, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. In other words, the pursuit of ‘helping’ others can lead to detrimental results if the wrong action is taken.

Their greatest vice is vainglory because they often like being in the midst of praise of others (telling them how good they are for being so ‘helpful’).

However, the type ones are at their best when they learn to become truly altruistic – giving without conditions, loving unconditionally and sacrificing themselves for the greater good.

Types twos with a wing of one are often highly principled, putting ethics before pride while twos with a wing of three are sociable, charming and heartfelt but susceptible to a double dose of vanity.

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