How to be ahead of the pack and lead the way

Chapter 5: Training

Your sales, communicating, negotiating, and closing skills are critical to your achievement in order for you to better your business. You can’t acquire market share unless you are able to sell your ideas, merchandise, and services. Each profession bears a skill set. A carpenter requires a hammer, nails, and timber, and to the level he knows his trade he'll be desirable in the market. A chef requires suitable utensils, recipes, seasoning, food, iceboxes, ranges, ovens, and warmers. You and your company require, more than anything else, organizational, and planning skills and the power to sell your merchandise and services.


You can plan and organize till you’re blue in the face, but if you can’t sell your merchandise, what does it matter how orchestrated you are? Many of us don’t have a line of individuals waiting for our merchandise; we really have to render interest, sell our product, and close the deal. The lifeblood of each company is income, and income is rendered by sales.

Consequently, every organization’s most essential assets are the sales skills of the people involved.

Formulating sales skills involves communicating, motivation, belief in your merchandise, an excellent attitude, presentation skills, follow through, and the creation of fresh and qualified opportunities. We occasionally exhibit contempt at the notion of becoming labeled a salesperson, but this is a vital mistake. This contempt is a result of never taking the time to learn the true prowess of selling.

Even those who think about themselves as pro salespeople commonly only learn some basics about their craft and never perfect all the tools useable to them. I'm not discussing selling as an action here, but the elemental way to dominate and ensure yourself the summit seat in the market.

In spite of the myth, no one is “born a salesman.” While a few individuals have an innate power to build a rapport, they won’t become masters at the art of gaining income unless they formulate a full set of skills. Those who truly comprehend selling as a skill and a technology—and who spend time to formulate and perfect their whole set of sales skills—are the individuals who will see success. Consistent sales results won't go to the average, the mediocre, the feeble, or the order takers.

So wake up and recognize that you can't survive and flourish if you don’t learn to sell yourself, your merchandise, services, ideas, and aspirations. This holds true for everybody, irrespective of his or her position. Selling isn't a job; it’s something you accomplish in order to make things occur for yourself.

Today is the time to work each day on training, education, and bettering your sales skills. I propose that you do this regardless what position you have in your organization. Individuals who may generate or assist in the propagation of sales and income will never be without work, income, or opportunity. You have to commit to interpreting selling as a technology, a system, and an art and dedicate to becoming an authority as a way to the top not attack it simply as a job.

Take each chance and free minute you have to study the art of selling. Spend some time every day to listen to material on getting income for yourself and your company. Begin centering your attention on maturing your business to leave your rivals in the dust. There's no skill set more critical to ensuring that you further your success. It’s utterly vital to learn (perhaps relearn) everything there is to understand about producing selling opportunities, ascertaining your prospects’ needs, getting agreement, presenting, managing, and closing.

There isn't an industry on this planet that doesn't change in some manner or another, and those that don’t shift merely cease to survive. Van Gogh, one of the leading artists who ever lived, sold only one painting of the 100s he painted during his life. This was a person who produced some of the leading art, but because of his inability or unwillingness to sell; his genius didn’t return any revenue till long after his demise.

This goes to show you that regardless how special your product, you won’t profit financially if you can’t market it.

Due to the expanded rivalry that's accompanied the Technology Age, the 21st century buyer is much more aware, educated, choosy, and surely resistant to old-school plans of attack. Blend all of that with a constricting economy and lowest-price rivals who are “marketing scared,” and your job of furthering your products and ideas in the market gets even harder.

Sales training doesn't have to cost revenue; it links you up with the revenue you require during tough times in order to further your success.

You can't afford to neglect opportunities today; you have to be able to capitalize on each day and each chance and be able to get each sale.

Many individuals fret about how to spend their revenue.

However, they'd be better served if they centered on bettering their skills in order to bring in more revenue and capitalize on each opportunity. The most successful individuals I’ve encountered center on making the most of each chance they have to create revenue.

Investing in your training, studying how to communicate are the only ways to move ahead.

Remember, if you say no to something in life, there's commonly a lack of know. If you've no money, there's something you don’t know about money. If you've no leads, there's something you don’t know about prospecting. If you discover yourself with no sales, there's something you don’t understand about selling.

The level to which you understand how to sell encompasses your power to effectively communicate, achieve an agreement, address objections, be appealing, render opportunities, give excellent product demonstrations, talk terms, and understand how to close. Your future, financial welfare is determined by your power to produce opportunities for your company and get revenue by selling.

In spite of what you might have been told, everybody sells at one time or another. So whatever your job title or position might be, I plead with you to study everything you are able to about this great lost art. It's the only way you’ll further your success and never be stopped.

Wrapping Up

I believe that it’s now my job to prompt you to really apply and carry out these actions. Let’s face it: The big, bad, huge economy isn't going to accommodate you with more chances and more business without you taking a few serious initial steps. The economy most likely doesn’t even recognize you exist; up till now, you only operated as a little part of the economy and likely never gave a thought to producing your own.

The government isn't going to bail you out, and it of course isn't going to help you and your company advance your success. (As a matter of fact, if it offered to, you'd likely be better off resisting.) The “money gods” aren’t going to assure your solvency or financial freedom, regardless how hard you sell to them.

The economy is in the state it’s in; you are able to be part of it and get whatever is remaining after 1000000000000s of individuals take their slice, or you are able to produce your own and no longer be a victim of it.


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