Start Living A Spiritual and Sane Life

Chapter 5: Spirituality Tomorrow

So, as long as you continue to let your ego be in control, it will continue to make you believe that you need more accomplishments, more success, and even more knowledge in order to finally figure out who you really are.

In other words, it will continue to tell you that you can only know who you really are tomorrow, next week, or next year, i.e. only the future can finally tell you who you really are.

And, since wanting more and more will never stop for the ego, that tomorrow will never come.

Similarly, if you decide that you would like to become more spiritual, your ego will again make you believe that you can only become more spiritual in the future. Not today, and especially not right now.

Today is just not that important to your ego. Because, today is filled with things to do, distractions to avoid, and problems to take care of.
So, there's no "time" for you to be spiritual today, according to your ego.

But, tomorrow? Oh tomorrow is perfect. It will be a new day, you will make a fresh start, and you will tackle this whole "spirituality" thing with both hands.

Well, unless, tomorrow gets busy too. But, hey, there's always next week. And if not, then next month for sure.

And, worst case scenario? We'll just start fresh new year...with some cool and motivating new year's resolutions! Yeah, that's it. Let's just work on the spirituality thing tomorrow. It'll just be more convenient, for your ego.

Oh, let's not forget about the mind either. Your mind will team up with your ego - as it always does - and make things even worse.

And, as long as your mind is also in control, it will keep you occupied with thought. It will keep making you think about, regret, and feel bad about all of your mistakes and failures of the past.

Your mind will also keep you busy by making you worry, fear, and feel anxious about the future.

And, what about right now? What about what you're doing today?

Today is just not that important to your mind, either. But, since today happens to be what's right in front of you at the moment, your mind will still find a way to occupy you with thoughts... by labeling, categorizing, analyzing, and of course judging everything.

And, in doing so, it will keep you from ever getting to what's really going on in your life right now.

Because, as long as you're labeling, analyzing and judging whatever's in front of you, you will never see it for what it really is. You will only see what your mind decides to interpret it as.

If today presents you with problems, you will almost never be able to get to the heart of the cause. Because, your mind will keep coming up with it's own theories, analyses, and judgments... blinding you to the real cause, and the real truth.

And, in doing so, it will ensure that you will have this problem, or similar ones, many times in the future. (Hey, the mind needs problems to work on, doesn't it?)

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