Being A Public Speaking Celebrity

Chapter 5: Repetition Is The Mother Of Skills

The above statement is in line with the popular quote which is “practice makes perfect”. There is nothing better than doing something repeatedly until some level of perfection is evident in the general outcome. Most people are aware of this, but few take the time and effort to master something this way.

Try And Try Again

Doing something repeated is only beneficial if the individual stays committed and focused on improving further at each attempt. Then only will the whole exercise seem worth the effort and time? However, it should be noted that repetition is often viewed negatively rather than positively, as most people begin to get bored and thus do not wholeheartedly commit to the exercise. However, for those who understand the value of repetition, the results can be very positive and certainly not a waste of their time. The more times an attempt is made on a particular exercise, the better the quality of the results and at some point, the whole venture will unfold effortlessly and without much need for preparation.

Leading the thought process to embark on the journey to perfection requires the effort of consistency and this can be ideally achieved with a lot of repetition. The thought process will then automatically lead and the action manifested will be the resulting eventual perfection through the course of the repetition exercise. Sometimes these processes can be identified as habits and if these “habits” are positive and contributing well to the entire exercise, then it becomes a welcomed element in the quest for perfection. Underestimating the power of repetition is why most people are unable to get something right, even when several attempts are made. Any amount of attempts will not produce the desired results if the individual does not focus on making adjustments and improvements each time around.

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