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Chapter 5: Monetizing Your Blog

Chapter 5: Monetizing Your Blog

Ok, so obviously you're passionate about your hobby and you enjoy talking about it.

I reckon you're going to really enjoy running your blog and being a blogger... But let's face it - we also want to make some money whilst we do it!

The good news is that there are a lot of ways to make money from a blog... Google Adsense

Perhaps the most common way of monetizing a blog is through Google Adsense.

Essentially you sign up to Adsense, put some code onto your blog and then Google will display adverts on your pages.

Then, when somebody clicks on one of these adverts you get paid a small commission.

There are different types of ads that you can choose to display, for example text ads, image ads, video ads and link ads.

Before you can start running ads on your blog you need to get yourself approved by Google.

This actually isn't as easy as you might think because they can be quite picky over what they will and won't allow, so make sure that you thoroughly read through terms and conditions (and obviously make sure that you can comply with them once you've signed up).

To sign up to Adsense simply go to https:// or adsense/ if you're in the UK.

Note that there are quite a few rules surrounding which sites they'll accept - so if your blog is still under construction or doesn't yet have any content on it then be aware that you will probably get rejected. It's best to wait until your site is up and running before you apply for Adsense.

Once approved the actual process of putting the code onto your site is relatively simple and Google provides full instructions, so there's not much point in me covering this here.

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