How To Eat Healthy

Chapter 5: Keep Track Of Progress

A Really crucial thing for you to do when you're on a health and wellness program is to keep checking how you're progressing. This may keep you highly motivated, particularly when you see that you're becoming what you wish yourself to become.

Your Progress

So, when you're on a diet program, weigh yourself frequently, doesn‟t matter even if you do it many times a day. When you're jogging, check how many steps you are able to climb without breathing. When you're working out at the gym, keep checking your abs and chest. When you're on a program to better your blood sugar level or your blood pressure, keep monitoring yourself. As a matter of fact, go for more frequent physical checkups just to see how well you're progressing.

Humans are very much result-oriented individuals. We wish to see facts and figures - we wish to see things as raw as they may be. This is the reason why charting your progress continuously may assist you immensely.

Once you see that your waist size has come down from 38” to 36”, once you see that you are able to get into skimpier shorts, once you see that you're closer to touching your toes than before, you get very much pleased with yourself. You see that your efforts are bearing fruit. This keeps the fire ablaze.

Initially, you'll want to monitor yourself rather often. Your family might even mock you for that. But it doesn‟t matter. You have to know where you're heading. So keep looking as much as you wish. It is only when you're in love with your body that you'll think of doing something for it. And no one loves your body more than you, so the onus of making it fitter and healthier is totally on you.

You have every right to know how your body is progressing. The best part is that this spurs you on to do better for your body. So keep monitoring yourself and keep working out to your heart‟s content.

Wrapping Up

If you eat right for a while, you'll discover that automatically things begin falling into place. Your life all of a sudden becomes much better and you see that you begin gaining control of it. And all this occurs because you have now taken charge of your eating habits.

The most crucial thing is that you have to remain driven. Likely you started with an „eat right‟ plan as you had some extra pounds in your body. Through your constant efforts, you've now managed to defeat that situation. Your body is in much better shape now.

But that doesn‟t mean you are able to start going on food binges now. You have to carry on with your healthy eating regimen. Only then will you feel its true effects in managing your life.

If you remain a healthy eating program for 2 months at a stretch, you will stay on it for life. That‟s a fact. Therefore, it is merely those 2 months that you have to remain centered.

You'll discover that the advantages you get within those 2 months will keep you hooked onto the program forever and a day.

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