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Chapter 5: Facebook Ads

Chapter 5: Facebook Ads

Facebook ads work in a similar way as Google Ads and obviously they will only appear on Facebook. Remember Facebook is huge and has millions of users around the world so this could be a worthwhile method of advertising for you business.

You will want to set up a Facebook page for your business before entering into any type of advertising campaign.

How to create your Facebook ad:

Select the page that you want to use for your Facebook ad.

You have several choices when it comes to goals for your Facebook page including:

Get more Likes to your page Promote a specific post on your page

Create a Facebook app to attract more visitors Select your target customer to promote your ad to

Choose the basic demographics of your audience including age, gender and location

Select the type of campaign you want to run including pricing and scheduling

Run more than one campaign and test multiple pages for results

Don’t forget to track your ad to see what kind of results you are getting

When using Pay Per Click Advertising in side of Facebook your main goal is to focus on getting the highest return on your initial investment. You will want to target words that have a high CTR – click through rate or ratio. Obviously you are paying Facebook to advertise and they want to make

tons of money. They will show your ad more often when the CTR is high.

You will also want to target more specific words. Instead of just targeting the word roses dig a little deeper and use Red Roses or Valentine’s Day Roses etc.

When advertising on Facebook you have two options for creating your campaigns. The first one is to simply get more people to Like your page. This can be achieved by using images that stand out. One good method is to use a red border around your image. Next you want to be specific with your action – tell people what action you want them to take. A simple way to do this is; Click Like if you love red roses! Or make a statement that people can agree with by clicking on the Like button.

Your next campaign option is to create what is termed a Buyer Campaign. You provide your call to action on the ad and people know that they are being sent to a sales page. When running this type of campaign you will be paying per click and not by impression.

When creating your ad in Facebook they will show you who your ad is targeting and the type of person you will be attracting. This is a good way to see if your ad is written correctly and that you will target your desired customer. As well Facebook will tell you what price you can expect to pay for your bid price.

For further information on advertising with Facebook log into your account and go to your Facebook page and click on Promote Page under your Admin Panel. Just follow the step by step instructions to create your ad. Don’t forget to set a manageable daily amount that you are willing to spend.

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