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Chapter 5: Email Marketing To Your New Subscribers

If you don’t have an autoresponder service to deliver email messages at this stage, I recommend you take a look at Aweber 30 day trial…

Aweber is one of the most reliable autoresponder programs on the Internet and it’s essential you have an account with a top quality service. They have tutorials and training inside their member’s area to answer any technical questions you may have.

Another option is to use  Getresponse which is another quality service many marketers use – the choice is yours – but I find Aweber to be much easier to use.

Most of your cash is going to come from your email list. Some will take your OTO because it will be an impulse buy at the price we’re charging for our reports package – but most will pass up on the offer. This is why our free report MUST be of a very high quality.

The last thing we want is our new subscriber to read a crappy report and think it a waste of time. But, if your report is quality – they’ll be far more susceptible to your future promotions via autoresponder follow up messages and broadcasts. This is VERY important.

As long as your goal is to provide value ABOVE ANYTHING ELSE, you will do very little wrong. And remember, you will learn all this stuff as you progress further in your business anyway, so don’t look at this as being a daunting task, it’s a journey that needs to enjoyed and NOT overcomplicated. Remember, business is simple – people make it hard.

5.a. - Finding Products To Promote:

Spending some time searching for relevant products and services to promote to your email list is time well spent. Without quality products to promote, you make very little money. I see it far too often, marketers promoting anything and everything related to their niche to their list, without giving a damn whether or not the product is of the highest quality or not.

Do NOT make this stupid mistake. If you are sending an offer to your list – make sure you KNOW it will be of immense benefit to them.

Lucky for us, there are hundreds of affiliate marketing programs out there that have thousands of products we can promote to our subscribers. You simply find a program, sign up, look for a product, get your affiliate link and promote that link to your list.

That’s it… simple.


Some of the top Pay-Per-Sale affiliate networks are:

  • Clickbank
  • Commission Junction
  • Google Affiliate Network
  • LinkShare
  • ShareASale

You’re not limited to just the above programs though. You can simply go to Google search and find as many niche related affiliate networks as you want. Most products on the market today, from physical to digital, have an affiliate program you can join.

If you want to promote a “weight loss” product to your list for example. Just head on over to Google and type “weight loss affiliate program” into the search bar (without the quotes) and you will be met with many different products to promote. Do your research, pick the best, and promote to your list.


5.b. - Cross Promoting:

The beauty of email marketing is the ability to cross-promote many different products. This is very difficult to do in any other form of marketing and a blessing for you and me. Your ultimate goal is to sell a lot of products to your subscribers over time.

Let's look at an example for the weight loss niche we’re using as a template for this guide. We entered the super broad keyword "weight loss" into the  Google Keyword  Tool. The following are the results that the search yielded for us to take a closer look at…

As you can see from the above image – there are many different promotions we can send to our subscribers. Your first email to your list can be a short relationship builder where you give them some motivational tips. (no selling) You will also give them the download link to their free report in the first message.

The second email can be a short piece on how “hypnosis” can be very effective for losing weight – and you can provide an affiliate link to a great weight loss hypnosis program you found earlier from one of the affiliate networks.

The third email you send could be a short tutorial on the most effective exercises they can start using to lose weight. You should research what content you’re sending to your list and always provide them with quality stuff to build that relationship with them.

If you go back to Google keyword tool and take one of the above search terms and put that back into the search bar, you’ll find a hell of a lot more ideas on what to send them. In this particular niche, you won’t run out of content to send your list – and I’m confident you can do this in your chosen niche also.


5.c. - Follow Up Email Sequence

The follow-up sequence of your emails is a very important step worth mastering if you want to truly earn on autopilot. When someone signs up to your list, they will automatically be sent the first email through your autoresponder series welcoming them onto your list. You can also have links directing them to the free gift you promised on sign up in this first email.

Now, this is where it gets interesting.

You can also set up a couple of follow up emails to be sent automatically to your list without you having to lift a finger – once you set it up from the beginning. This is what it could look like…

Email #1: Introduction, Free report, Welcome to my list (or whatever you prefer)

Then it is time to get into relationship building. This is what it could look like:

Email #2: Valuable Information That is Relevant (send 1 day later)

Email #3: Let them know a little bit about yourself. (send 3 days later) Email #4: I just created a bonus for you. (send 3 days later)

Email #5: Promotional offer (send 3 days later)

Email #6: Industry insight, followed by a promotion (send 1 day later)

Email #7: Value-based information, connect on a personal level (send 7 days later)

You have just set up 7 additional emails to be sent to your list completely on autopilot. Can you see how powerful this can be?

You can set this up however you want and have the emails sent out at whatever intervals as you see fit. As long as you are providing valuable free information coupled with quality promotions, you can’t go far wrong with this approach. You will continue to add to your follow up emails as you progress and incorporate your cross promotions into the sequence making sure to build that all important relationship as you go.

I know many marketers who have their follow-up sequence set up for over 100 days, some set them up for a whole year. Once you have a sequence that converts, anyone entering into your funnel will be automatically promoted to completely hands-free.

You can test to see what’s working well in your sequence by checking open rates and clicks. If a particular email is not performing as well as you would like in your follow-ups, simply take it out or change it until the desired results have been met. You can always refine your email follow-ups until they are converting at the highest possible level. Just remember to always test and tweak.

5.d. - Broadcasting Live Emails

Broadcasting to your list is important if you have content that has a sell-by date. Let’s say there’s a particular product that has just come onto the market and you want your list to know about it straight away. There’s no point putting it into your follow-ups because by the time most of your list see the promotion, it may be too late.

Unlike follow up emails, broadcasts are one time messages that get sent out “once” to your list and that’s it. If the response from a broadcast is very well received and the content has longevity, you can simply add it to your follow up sequence if you so wish to do.

Broadcasts are also used when people on your list finish the follow-up sequence of emails and are not scheduled to receive any more from you. In this case, you can segment your list into sections, where people who have finished your follow up sequence will just receive broadcasts from you in future. Of course, how you play this out is entirely up to you and something you will become adept at doing the more experienced you become at email marketing.

By now you should know more than enough to make email marketing work for you and to generate more sales.

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