The Millionaire Mindset

Chapter 5: Decide On How Much You Want To Earn

We all dream about increasing our income but without proper plan and its implementation, it not possible to achieve it. In this section I will teach you how to arrive at you goal and earn more, so that all your dreams can come true.

Your Income
Start creating an image in your mind of what you want in life. Think in detail, what environment you want to be in, what people you want to be surrounded with. Choose a business, which is realistic and will earn you sufficient income. Visualize all details minutely. Then set a goal which difficult to achieve but not impossible. Initially, think of what you to achieve, in one year.

Chalk out the strategies for achieving your target for the year. Think about all the problems you will face and how to tackle it. Think of all the bumpers that you have on your path of success and learn ways of avoiding it. Find out what additional training or qualification you need for achieving your target. Remove all the negative thoughts that enter you mind. Try to combat all the negative thoughts about your income and business. Keep moving towards your target by fighting with all the negative thoughts that discourage you.

Write down all your plans, you want to reach in one year’s time, what steps you are going to take. Plan each step and follow them religiously. If required take guidance from the person whose position you desire to be in.

People who are successful, though not in your line of business will be able to guide you. Have positive outlook and keep reading motivational books for encouragement.

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