Time Management And Goals

Chapter 4: Your Goals Have To Fit Your Timeline

Let me tell you a story. One day, a 40-year old woman invited her friends to a party as she is celebrating for her upcoming wedding. Her friends were shocked by the news but they were all happy because finally their 40-year old friend will soon be getting married which they all know that it is the only goal she has that never happened.

Keep Time In Mind

However, just as the invited guests are beginning to fill the room they heard a loud voice that says, “Everyone, I am calling this celebration off. Nobody is getting married here. I found that my 50-year old husband-to-be just got married with a 20-year old girl”. Everybody was shocked again upon hearing the news but this, time no one is celebrating. Then the 40-year old woman continued, I lost the chance to get married because I miss to answer his question on when we are going to get married.

On the other side, the 50-year old man who desperately wants to get married did something for his dream to come true. After hearing nothing from the lady on his concern of when are they going to get married, he patiently continued searching for a bride and saw a homeless girl and offered her a decent life. Luckily, the girl’s only goal is to have a decent home where she can live, she immediately agreed to marry the old man and they live happily ever after.

Moral lesson:

You have to have a clear motive and timeline for each goal you have.
In real life situation, a lot of people failed to achieve their goals because they are unclear with their objectives and their motives why they want to achieve something. The thing is, only when you have clearly identified what you really want in your will you recognize your real motives. When you are done with this initial phase you will be able to set proper timeline for each goal.

Many people tend to believe that by writing down their goals, they will start attracting good vibes and success will soon come rushing like a magic. This is pretty good point if we are writing a fantasy screenplay. But since this is reality, we need to do real steps in creating goals and set up proper timeline.

Below are the basic steps that you can use to start off.
1. Write your goals and create sub goals under a goal that will serve as your action plan.
2. Review what you have written and get rid of unhelpful steps you have included.
3. Once you are satisfied with your action plan, assign deadlines beside each task and be 100% committed to achieve each goal on time.

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