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Chapter 4: The “One Time Offer”

In this section, we will cover your “One-Time Offer” or ‘OTO’ page - and the reports you will be selling to your subscribers immediately after they opt into your email list.

When someone lands on the page above and enters their name and email address – they MUST be taken to another page where you will be selling a low priced product. Many make the mistake of not creating a OTO and lose out big time as a result.

For our OTO we are going to repeat the process we used to create our free report. In this case, we are going to write 5 more reports (3 + 2 bonus reports) and sell them all for a low price of $17. If you like – you can sell the reports for $7 (which I have done in the past) but after testing this I have found that $17 for 3 + 2 bonus reports currently retailing at $27 each is a very good bargain – providing they’re in desperate need for a fix to their problem – and you position the reports in the right way.

Let’s go through the process step by step so you can see how super easy this is…

4.a. - Creating the Reports and How to Position Them Effectively:

In the opt-in stage of this course, we created a free report to give away as a bribe. We used one of the headline templates to write the report – and for the OTO we are going to do the exact same thing.

There’s no point overcomplicating things like so many seem to do. However, if you decide you want to take a different route – you can search online for PLR/MRR (Private Label Rights/Master Resale Rights) reports to give away on your “One Time Offer” page - the choice is yours.

I write my own reports, but if you can find a great product with resale rights online, you will get a OTO sales page included with your purchase. This, of course, is optional – but just keep it in mind if your time is scarce and you hate writing.

Chances are you haven’t chosen the “back pain” niche, but you can find these products for any niche you choose. Just remember – if you decide to buy PLR/MRR ready to go products, you will be limited to selling just the one product on your OTO page. If that’s the route you take – I recommend you sell the product for $7 rather than $17 since it’s just “one” product.

I would rather create my own package of 3 – 5 products (reports) and sell them for $17 because I know the model works. Again though – either way will make you money if you stick to this training.

On our “OTO” page – we will be selling a “weight loss” packaged product (or whatever your niche is) with our 3 products (reports) inside. It’s much better to position the product as a “package” instead of listing the 3 products separately. We will also be including the 2 bonus reports as an extra incentive for our visitor to purchase.

4.b. – Setting Up Our Reports Package

We first create a “single” headline for our package. Since this is a weight loss related package with 5 reports (3 regular + 2 bonuses) we want a headline that encompasses every aspect of the problem.

This is where the magazine titles we researched earlier come in handy. I took the liberty of browsing through the magazines we identified earlier in this report – and found some really killer headlines. I suggest you do the same thing when writing your package headline.

If you didn’t find any magazines for your niche, just go back over to Amazons best sellers list of books for your niche and browse through until you find a suitable headline. Don’t just swipe the headlines though; make sure to write your own.

Here’s what I came up with…

Package Name:

“Learn The Insider Secrets To Losing Weight Fast Without Starving Your Body Or Spending Countless Hours In The Gym”

You can browse through magazines, books, videos, articles or whatever you like until you find a good headline. I like the above one – and since our package is priced at such a low price, they will be difficult to resist.

Okay, we have our headline – but what are we putting into this package?

You have three choices…

1) Go through – Barnes & Noble and and research titles. Write down 5 of the best headlines you come across – go to Google and insert each headline into the search bar separately – and write your reports based on the content you come across. (Make sure it’s high-quality content you’re researching)

  • Go to Odesk, iwriter or and get a writer to put together 5 reports based on the headlines of your choosing. You can get some really good reports written on these sites for dirt cheap.
  • Take the remaining headlines from the templates I gave you earlier – and write the reports yourself. It’s entirely up to yourself – but for the purpose of this guide, I’ll use the templates listed earlier in this report and show you how I position these in our OTO.

Each of the 5 reports needs to be only 10 – 15 pages long. If the content is really good, that’s more than enough for this strategy to work.

Let’s take a look at how this package looks…

Package Name:

“Learn The Insider Secrets to Losing Weight Fast without Starving Your Body or Spending Hours Every day In The Gym”

Products Inside The Package”

Product 1:

The 8 Reasons You Are Struggling With Your Weight and What You Need To Do About It - $27 Value

(Go to Google and research 8 common reasons why people struggle with their weight and write a quality report based on the information you find)

Product 2:

The 5 Rules You Must Follow Before Even Considering Starting A New Diet - $25 Value

(Go to Google and research 5 things people should do before starting a diet and write a quality report on the information you find)

Product 3:

The 3 Mistakes People Make That Ultimately Leads To Them Gaining Back Lost Weight - $17 Value

(Go to Google and research the common reasons why people put weight back on after losing it and write a quality report)

Bonus Product:

How To Spend No Less Than 10 Minutes A Day Exercising and Still Burn Extra Calories– Value - $19

(Go to Google and research exercise strategies that take 10 minutes a day and write a quality report on what you find)

Bonus Product 2:

The 10 Best Fat Burning Recipes You Should Know About and How They Can Make a Massive Difference To Your Waistline – Value $17

(Go to Google and research the best fat burning recipes and write a quality report on the information you find)

When doing your research, make sure to only write content based off solid advice given by experts in their field.

– and similar experts websites to get quality information. I will usually spend the best part of an hour researching my report. Along the way, I’ll write down valuable points in “bullet point” form and compile a large list of solid information.

Note: Make sure when your subscriber is directed to the sales page – you tell them their free report is on its way to the email address they entered into the opt-in form.

Let’s keep moving…

Note: You’ll need a way to accept payments when someone arrives on your page and purchases the product. I use PayPal for this process. Setting up PayPal buttons for your page is a simple process.

It will take no more than a couple of minutes to set up. If I was to explain the process on paper – It would make it a lot more complicated than it actually is. So, for the purpose of keeping it simple – watching a quick 5-minute video tutorial walking you through this process step by step is in your best interest.

(Don’t sweat it though – It’s a brain-dead simple process) Actually – just click on the video image below to be taken directly to a step by step walkthrough…

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