Being A Public Speaking Celebrity

Chapter 4: Screw Perfection, Just Speak

Some presenters are so concerned with perfection that they often forget to connect with the audience on a very basic level. These presenters are usually more concerned with the overall endeavor than with the actual human factor a lot of speeches lack.

Don’t Sweat The Small Things

The idea of making a speech or speaking publically is to impart knowledge in several different ways, and this would very much depend on the type of listening audience the presentation is meant for. Designing the presentation so ensure its suitability and the overall impact it is to make would require a lot of connecting elements to fall into place and ensure the success of the endeavor.

However, sometimes, there is a need to simply speak, without all this messy (although in most cases necessary) exercises to acquire good input content. Being able to speak without the aid of all these elements takes practice. People who have been in this line for a while, are more likely to be able to pull off speaking “off the cuff” with confidence and certainly without all the fuss.

One way of doing this comfortably and spontaneously is to be well informed on various different topics, should the need arise for an impromptu speech to be given. Being able to speak on almost anything, will give the individual the comfortable mindset, which will be clearly displayed through the confidence shown and through the ease in which the speaking exercise unfolds.

Being well prepared for a particular speaking engagement will also help the individual making the presentation well, without all the complications of having to follow the pre-prepared routine. Sometimes the “just speaking” part becomes necessary when something goes wrong, and the individual is required to carry the speech exercise effortlessly. Here again, previous experience or proper preparation will greatly help make this seemingly causal presentation come out looking professional and well planned.

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