Discarding Negative Habits

Chapter 4: Habits and Unity

Unity teaches us that we're all role models. As we interact with other people, we teach them how to act, whether we recognize it or not.

Take Heed

Our interconnectedness signifies that individual habits can't be considered in isolation.

Remember that one person's foul habits may produce serious results for other people, and occasionally those results are severe, just like a drunk driver causing an accident. Therefore, we must not only be responsible for ourselves, but in addition to that the domain in which we reside.

Utilize habits to reinforce unity itself. Rather than living in a separate cocoon, make a habit of giving to other people. Find something you are able to accomplish on a steady basis to provide value to complete strangers, not simply your loved ones and acquaintances.
Think about doing volunteer work, or discover a way to give through your job. For instance, I produced my internet site to contribute personal development thoughts with individuals around the globe.

It is exceedingly rewarding to find day-to-day feedback from those who find advantages from my work, even though a lot of them have never encountered me personally.

A few individuals likewise advocate tithing, which means giving onetenth of your revenue away to worthwhile campaigns (tithe means "one-tenth"). If you choose to tithe, simply be aware that giving revenue is no substitute for direct engagement.
Cultivate at least one habit to intensify your experience of unity.

Make a habit of going for extended walks in nature. Savor prolonged physical connection with somebody close to you. Provide hugs rather than handshakes.

Grin at unknown people you pass on the street. If you make habits of these easy activities, you will seldom feel disconnected and solitary.

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