How to be ahead of the pack and lead the way

Chapter 4: Great Marketing

Among the beginning things people and businesses do when having a hard time is cut back their advertising and promoting. Huge mistake. Now is the time to pound your business into the market with cost-efficient marketing programs that let the globe know who you are, what you do, and what you have to provide. In spite of your tendency to wish to save money in any way conceivable, now isn't the time to hideaway. Let your rivals’ cut to the point that they no longer are out there while you get out there.

The Ads

It’s peculiarly crucial now to be at the front in your customers’—and potential customers’—brains. While this action is totally counterintuitive to all the foul news, you have to effectively and aggressively promote yourself and your business if you're going to exist, prosper, and acquire market share from your rivals. Plainly, you wish to be smart about this maneuver and prevent spending money on techniques that don’t work.

When things become sluggish, step-up the amount of time you spend on promoting and prospecting for fresh business. You’re commonly able to acquire the best price for traditional ads and marketing efforts during lags as others are doing less ads. As well as traditional approaches, research and apply originative ways to make your organization more widely recognized inside the circles and communities in which you market. For example, if you commonly commit ten percent of your time and energy to promoting and prospecting when things are reasonably busy, you could increase this to fifty percent once things are slow.

As we’ve talked about previously, a lull in business demands that you use extra effort to draw in customers, follow through on leads, and remain in contact with and extend your place of power. While you are able to achieve this through traditional ads, you are able to likewise use a few activities that don’t cost any revenue: calls, personal visits, mail, e-mails, flyers, social networking on the Net, church activities, e-zines, seminars, briefings, “great news” e-zines, videos, community participation, speaking at rotary clubs, training your kid’s soccer team—etc.. Most if not all of these techniques are reasonably original, build enormous goodwill, get you better acknowledged, and cost zip but your time and energy!

The 2nd part of this plan of attack dictates that whatever you do, make sure you stick with it. Conduct action consistently and aggressively daily, weekly, and monthly and throughout the year. You have to commit to a promoting program throughout the year—not simply when you require the business. Whether it’s a traditional ad or some of the other, more groundbreaking marketing techniques make certain you can stick with it as all marketing demands some time to take hold.

When planning a PR or ad blitz, I consider how much it will cost to run that plan over the course of a year, not a week or month. While this strategy ensures a regular stream of fresh business contacts in the future, it isn’t guaranteed to harvest prompt results. The promotion you carry on now launches a selling cycle that will result in fresh business when you require it 6 months into the future.
It's even as crucial that this campaign raise your reputation throughout the community or rings in which your merchandise is required. Additionally, the fact that you're out there doing something about your business—rather than simply sitting lazily at your desk, waiting for matters to reverse—will provide you added self-assurance.

The sorts of marketing that work best in all economies, as they're most effective—are a combination of results - oriented direct marketing (direct-response print ads, sales letters, self-mailer, special offers) and low-priced or no-cost visibility heightening publicity strategies (press releases, articles, speeches, books, seminars, e-zines, radio and television interviews). Yeah, it costs time and energy, but not doing these things risks the company. Don’t consider marketing in terms of simply costing money as many efforts may be made without any budget simply by using your energy.

Approach each aspect of your marketing program with monumental action and energy. My own personal definition of monumental is “that sum of action that will produce fresh problems for yourself and your company.” Yep, you read that correctly. You wish to produce fresh problems.

Most individuals stop short of this plan of attack; in fact, they commonly attempt to avoid all problems, just to wind up with the same old ho-hum recurring situations that they've had for years. Individuals don’t advance because they don’t take adequate action or follow this up with more monumental action. They then wind up with ho-hum, familiar problems rather than adventuresome and favorable problems.

Monumental is vital to making your marketing efforts effectual.

No matter your position, you have to effectively market yourself as a person to make yourself more useful to your company, its customers, and the market. You wish to be valuable. So make certain that you present yourself as irreplaceable. Do that, and you'll never be without work or revenue. Remember: great marketing is about more than simply spending money to advertise. It’s about investment of energy to make yourself known and of value throughout the market.

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