Making sense of google adsense

Chapter 3: Use it well

Knowing and Doing

Understanding the Google AdSense program is one thing, using it to its fullest potential is another. Review this information to ensure full comprehension of this program because this is the only way you will be able to use Google AdSense to its maximum profit potential. Google AdSense is a program that affords you as its user an added income, it is your responsibility alone to make sure you understand all aspects and components that are part and parcel of the program and apply this knowledge in a way that benefits you, the visitors of your website, Google, and the advertisers on your page.

Common Sense

Using Google AdSense means you are familiar with their terms of service and are comporting your website in accordance with these terms. Google keeps a close watch on websites using this service and does not allow any variance from the defined Terms of Service. Any wavering will result in suspension of the program; you joined this program for monetary gain, it is essential you stay abreast of what is required by Google for you to be able to use this program.

Your site must be informative in nature to be of use to anyone, your visitors, to Google and to yourself as well. You want the information available on your site to have a focused scope. There should be some variety found on your site but must have a main theme covering all aspects of this site. In turn, visitors will be satisfied with the knowledge content and more likely to explore all aspects of your page. What this means to you is that by having a variety of topics under theme umbrella you are giving yourself flexibility and variety in the ads that can be displayed on your website. The end result is that you will increase your clickthrough rate and earn more with AdSense.

Keywords will literally unlock the earning potential of your website. Understand how they are used and what keywords are best to have reference to your website. Relevance to the nature of your website, and thusly the ads found there, is what matters. These keywords may found in the URL, the content, the page title and in the ads themselves, so don’t go for expensive keywords because they cost more. Choose keywords that fit within the spectrum of knowledge you are offering on your site; words that are thematically in line with the ads visitors will find on your page to increase your clickthrough rate.

Offer information that is uncommon or at least a section of information that is specific to a few subsets of information visitors look for. The point of using Google AdSense is that what you have to offer by way of information creates a window of opportunity where advertising along the line of information you offer will provide information, solutions and/or profit for all parties involved with your website; you, the user, Google and the respective advertiser.
Try different arrangements of advertisement to see what works best for your site. These formats can be different from one page of the site to another. The better you understand the program and how to seamlessly integrate it into your website, the more of a profit you stand to make. If you have the same format on each page of your site, that is less engaging to the user, and more easily defines where the ads are on each page. You want to have the ads on each page of your site work with the content found there.

The structure of the ad within your web page should be an amplifier. A visitor to your site should not have to look for the place where you stand to make money. Have the ad be easily visible, have it appear in such a way that it cannot be ignored, where it will be immediately viewable to the visitor so that it is more likely to pique curiosity and a willingness to click on the link. The Google AdSense preview toolbar is your friend. This allows you to see how the configuration will appear on your website before you apply it. This is your chance to look at your site with the addition of the AdSense program, and the options and level of customization you have chosen through the eyes of a potential visitor. Take this opportunity to really evaluate the setup you have selected experiment of necessary and try other setups before settling.

Make the most of the tools available to you with the Google AdSense program. These tools are there for you to ensure that you are maximizing the potential of the program. Make this a habit as trends can change and the performance of your site may change along with the trends. Find out what is working and what is not, maybe you could choose better keywords, are all your visitors coming from a particular search engine? What can you find out using these tools that will help you make better decisions concerning the use of Google AdSense?

Uncommon Sense

Stay honest in your approach to making money, the purpose of participating in this program is to provide visitors to your website with information and maybe solutions, not to trick them into clicking an ad. This is not something Google tolerates. Nor does Google tolerate abuse of this system by the user. Here are some examples of dishonest practices that will be identified by Google and result in a suspension:

· Clicking ads on your own website
· Repeated manual clicks
· Creating a robot to generate clicks
· Automatic clicking programs
· Using dishonest methods to have visitors click on ads

Make your website easy to use and easy to read. This applies to the ads found on your site as well. You do not want to be self-defeating by having content that overshadows the ads; their text and URL. You want there to be an ease of
viewing all aspects of the site, content and ads alike. This being said, there should be as much uniformity between the content and the ads as possible.

Customize the ads to match the rest of your site by altering the size and type of font that the ads display with. Have the color of the text and the background be the same as the rest of your web page. You do not want the ad to preclude itself from the interest of the visitor by sticking out as an outside advertisement, you want the ad to look as at home as the rest of your content.

Keep up with your site; maintain it so it is always fresh and easy to navigate. Remove or update broken links. The information you are providing should be not only useful and focused, but also researched and updated regularly. The ads showing on your website should correspond with the information provided, and this should be done in depth; per page within your domain. Do not provide information that is illegal or out of date. Articles found on your site should be original, not plagiarized. The material of an inappropriate, obscene or offensive nature should not be found on your site. Keep your site friendly, informative, up to date, clean, legal and original.

AdSense for RSS and Blogs

Google now has AdSense designed specifically for RSS acronymous for Really Simple Syndication. RSS is an option found on the internet that provides information in a unique document format known as XML. This format is used as a feed that provides news-type information in an organized fashion, this is the kind of information you can find on many websites that are not considered to be “mainstream.” An RSS feed is a way to offer a very diverse collection of
information and content that most websites either cannot or do not offer. Google AdSense for feeds is a special program and thereby has its own special set of policies. You can review these policies at These policies must be adhered to for participation in the AdSense for feeds program.

Including AdSense in your Blog

Blogs are another form of website that can be used for dispensing information. Typically blogs, or Web Logs, are of a more personal nature. Due to the nature of what a blog is, the information found on a blog can be of a wide variety, covering many topics. The best way to describe a blog is as an online diary used to share an individuals thoughts, experiences, and activities in the form of text and images. This content is viewable to the public and even open for discussion and debate in many instances.

Because of the open nature of blogs, there can be found a wealth of information and the huge range of topics, the Google AdSense program is completely apropos for this kind of site. This kind of website is inexpensive to produce and easy to use as a generator of revenue, especially with a program like AdSense. Getting approval for AdSense for a blog is not difficult so long as the site is in accordance with Google’s policies.

Blog content is most often original because the site is built on personal relevance. This creates a wide birth for potential information and thusly for the advertising opportunity. Blog content may not always be a fun read or even quality content, but for advertising purposes, the content is usually up to snuff for Google. The diversity a blog offers is well suited to the nature of the AdSense program. A Blog does not have to have specified them to be effective because the overall theme of a blog is inherent in its nature; whatever a person wants to share with people on the internet. This can include debating topics, expressing feelings, asking a question, discussing current events, sharing experiences, telling stories about travel, just about anything a person has to say or wonders about is what a blog is designed for. As a result of this, there is a vast potential for Google

AdSense to have ads that match up with some or all of the content found therein. In order for Google AdSense to work on a website, that website must be indexed by Google. Blogs are easily indexed by Google, often faster and more easily than a regular or commercial type of website. This process can take as little as a few days for a blog. What this means is that the chances of Google approving a blog for the AdSense program are quite high. Because of the kind of website a blog is, it is very cheap to create and maintain. There are so services or products that are inherent to its nature; the site itself is the service, both to the blogger and the reader. This is an inexpensive avenue to use the AdSense program that can ultimately be used to produce revenue.

AdSense in a Nutshell

Schemes and ploys to make your bank account grow are not the tools of legitimate business. Deceit and false expectations do not lead anywhere but disappointment. There are systems for making money that may not be “easy,” but are certainly smart. Creating a way of generating a passive income via advertising on the internet is one of them. Google AdSense is an opportunity available to anyone who has something to offer and is willing to follow the guidelines Google defines. Google AdSense is a recognized, well established and highly esteemed program made for the purpose of online marketing. Completely legitimate and easy to use, Google has a way for you to profit from your already existing website, substantially profit. This is a smart way to bolster your finances that uses already existing sites for advertising.

Once you have applied for the program, have been accepted, and settled on a format that works for your site and ads, you have set yourself up a system of creating an income that is practically automated. The maintenance is minimal,
but mandatory if you intend to succeed in using the AdSense to its full potential over the long term. The internet, Google’s policies, and information in general are all fluid things that must be researched and kept up to date.

Maintain adherence to Google’s policies, keep your content fresh and usable, track how the program is working and you will sustain an income that works for you.


Regardless of what your status is on the internet, no matter how many sites you have, or if these are blogs, or RSS feeds, there are tools you should be aware of to capitalize on the AdSense program. These resources consist of tools and scripts that will help you in the many facets of the Google AdSense marketing program. Using these tools you will be able to analyze keywords and what ads appear for those keywords. You will be able to see what the clickthrough rate is and how much each ad is generating. These are only a couple of examples of how you will be able to see how effectively you are using the program and how you can adjust, customize and increase productivity.

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