Start Living A Spiritual and Sane Life

Chapter 3: The Mind

The human mind was designed to think. It loves to think. And it's very good at it. We have trained it well: personally, for many years...and collectively (as a species) for thousands of years.

The mind is very good at what it does. (Did I mention that already? 🙂
The mind likes to keep busy. It likes to 'package' things in neat little boxes and categories. It likes to give things labels and titles.
But, in order for the mind to do all that, it has to isolate things, analyze them, and judge them - based on all the information that it currently has about those things.

And, eventually, the mind tends to separate and conceptualize everything. That's when problems start to arise. (We'll discuss these problems in more detail, soon.)
The mind never shuts up. It is always commenting, analyzing, labeling, and separating.
But, that's just what it does about things that are in front of you right now.

Then, there's all of the stuff that you have from the past. Years of memories and experiences. The mind also loves to comment on, analyze and tear apart those things as well.

It loves to entertain itself with "what if's" and "if only's" and "why didn't I's" and "I wish I had's"…and on and on and on. It likes to go over every incident, every experience, and especially every mistake that you've ever made in your life.
But, that's not the end of it. There's still more.

Then, there's the future to think about!
It loves to think about all the things that you have to do, all the things that you may have to do, and even all the things that may never happen - ever. And, once again, even related to the future, your mind loves to entertain itself with "what if's" and "I wish's" and "I hope's" and "I hope not's"...and on and on and on.
But, that's still not the end of it. Oh, no.
Then, there's the collective human mind...which is the scariest of them all.

This is where we start thinking collectively (with other humans) about what's going on right now, what went on in the past, and what could or would happen in the future.

This is also where the news comes in. And, we, as a collective mind, start thinking about what we are doing to the planet...what others (other races, cultures, cities, states, and countries) are doing to us... what we are doing to them... what we are going to do to them for what they did to us... and on and on we go again.

All of this goes on in our mind, all day long.
Then, we will go to bed at night, where we may be able to quiet the mind (or most of it) for a little while.
And, tomorrow, we will wake up, and it will start all over again.
It's a wonder that any of us can ever get anything done, what with our mind going on and on about everything and everyone, all of the time. It never stops.

"Your' Mind

Let's get back to the individual mind for now. And, let's go a little deeper about your mind, specifically.
Most individual humans are so caught up with their own thoughts, so lost in their own mind, that they have a difficult time differentiating between themself and their mind.

Their start seeing themselves as their mind.

It is crucial for you to realize, and keep reminding yourself, that you are not your mind.

There is the mind... and then there is you.

That is why we refer to the mind as "my mind"... not "me mind." We say "my" mind because it belongs to us, or is a part of us. We don't say "me" mind because we are not the mind. We are separate from the mind.

Sure, most of us may understand this on a logical level. But, the way we tend to live our lives suggests that we cannot separate ourselves from our mind. And, for most our lives, we believe that we are the mind...or the mind is us.

This condition of seeing yourself as your mind tends to give the mind full control of your life.
And, as long as the mind is in the driver's seat of your life, spirituality can be very difficult to attain.

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