Discarding Negative Habits

Chapter 3: Take It In Steps

Taking it in steps is an easy technique for gradually altering habits.

Bit By Bit

Rather than making a huge change all at once, you aim to take one little step in the proper direction. When you have gotten comfy with that change, take a different little step. Go forward taking little steps one at a time till you sooner or later reach your goal.

For instance, if you wish to stop consuming caffeine, first take note of how much caffeine you presently consume. Then set up an initial goal to cut back your daily consumption by twenty-five percent.

So if you consume 4 cupfuls of caffeine a day, you will either drop it to 3 cupfuls a day or you'll consume 4 cupfuls that are only threequarters full. Sustain that new level for a week prior to taking the following step. At that point, reduce your consumption to fifty percent of your original level, and accomplish that for a different week.

Then drop it to merely twenty-five percent of the original level, again sustaining it for a week. And finally you are ready to do away with caffeine completely.

If a twenty-five percent change is too much for you to manage, begin with a ten percent change. You are able to use stair-stepping for a wide range of habits. I know a lot of individuals who've used this technique to stop smoking, dropping their cigarette consumption by a little amount each week till they were down to one smoke per day (and occasionally down to one cigarette every 2 or 3 days) before finally quitting for good. A different individual utilized this method to become an early riser, setting his alarm simply 5 minutes earlier every day till he reached his goal.

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