Being A Public Speaking Celebrity

Chapter 3: Overcome The Fear Of Public Speaking

Most public speaking engagements require the presenter to be well prepared for any unveiling scenario, and the more practice the individual has in making speeches, the better he or she will get at doing it. However as everyone has to start somewhere, it may be better to follow a few guidelines penned by those who are very experienced in the area.

Be Confident
The following are some recommendation that should be seriously considered if the individual intends to overcome the fear of public speaking and be impactful in the presentation style:

• One of the most popular advice items given would be to start with smaller groups of people and try to use these opportunities to build on the experience. The initial small group should ideally consist of familiar people such as family members and friends, as they are more likely to give the individual true, clear and helpful criticism should there be any need for it. This constructive criticism will help the individual work on the weaknesses and capitalize on the strengths, thus making better public speaking exercises with each new effort.

• Preparing well, ahead of time, is also another element that will help to calm the frazzled nerves of the individual and allow him or her to have a better grasp on the material intended to be presented. Having complete and thorough knowledge on the material to be presented, will allow the individual to relax enough in the presentation style to be able to focus on other areas such as connecting with the audience and engaging them mentally, visually and audibly.

• Although the individual may have practiced enough to assume that everything is well memorized, it would be wise to carry a set of cards where important points are written on each card. This is a helpful tool to have, if for some reason the individual loses momentum.

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