Profitable Audio Product Creation

Chapter 3: How Will you Use Your Audio Product

Chapter 3: How Will you Use Your Audio Product

The following thing you need to do is work out how you’ll utilise your audio product. Do you wish to sell it as a digital audio product? Do you wish to give it away as a list builder?

Do you wish to provide it as a tangible product or a front end product?

Decide The Purpose

Let's view these in additional detail:

Sell it as digital or tangible product on Kokoshungsan - An audio product has a worth much more gravid than a regular eBook. The ordinary price of an eBook today is approximately twenty-seven bucks. That same twenty- seven dollar eBook may sell for approximately $67 as a digital audio product or perhaps even $97 as a tangible audio product.

You are able to make at least $40 more simply by placing in a bit of additional work. If you wish to be able to reach a much fuller audience than think about offering your product as both an eBook edition and an audio edition.

This is among the most originative techniques you are able to apply it to make cash with no list and likewise almost completely annihilate all rivals. The goal is to discover products that are already selling and then providing premium versions of the same products. This commonly means providing the same product in audio format.

Individuals learn in different formats, and a greater percentage of your buyers will prefer hearing over reading to consume the content.

Over 38% of your target markets favour learning thru audio over reading.

How do you capitalise on this? Easy. A chief benefit that works in your favour is that individuals are willing to pay premium pricing for the same information when it’s delivered thru audio. For instance, the audio version of a bestselling eBook will sell for 4-10 times the pilot price of the book.

Here's one way to use this technique:

Travel to and distinguish the top ten selling products in Kokoshungsan in a category you're concerned with, but might not be an authority in. Then, put down the contact info of every product creator: get the number, if there's one available.

The tilt is this: you are able to provide a % of the premium product for every sale that's made, and that's yet more what the product owner would bring in when he sells one copy of his present downloadable product. As an illustration, let's presume that you discover a bestselling eBook on stock certificate trading.

Get hold of the product owner and tell him you'd like to sell a premium edition of his book as a percentage of his existing buyers favour learning thru audio.

By pre-selling the premium product to the list possessor, you'll get prepaid and you are able to utilise those funds to produce the premium product. In many cases, you are able to do the bulk of the work yourself utilising low-cost tools readily usable on the Net.

If presented the right way, most product owners are hospitable to this as it helps them to produce cash without having to do additional work. Additionally, they may now show their buyers that they care because they're providing them a premium edition of a product that has been demonstrated to sell. Additionally, this technique capitalises on all the affiliates that the list possessor already has in place and spares you the bother of producing your own affiliate program.

Your conversion rate will be a great deal higher as you’re being backed by the list possessor and in most instances, there's a repressed demand for higher-end products that

the list possessor hasn't fulfilled. Many list possessors gravely underestimate their buyers' ability to consume products and quit selling too early or not enough.

You don't need to limit yourself to you are able to repeat this same technique with the Amazon Best Seller list or any additional best seller list. The key is that you are adopting someone else's credibility to immediately launch a product to a market that's already demonstrated to purchase.

Give it away for free as a list establisher - gratis giveaways are a way to establish any list. Give your likely buyers a quality informative audio product in exchange for their name and e-mail address. Give them merely enough to make them wish to return for more.

Utilise it as a front end product - utilising something as a front end product means you're selling it for much less than what it's worth in an attempt to produce a list of customers.

A list of demonstrated customers is crucial because those individuals are more likely to purchase from you again. If they like what you had to provide the first time around then chances are they’ll return for more.

Understanding how you'll utilise your audio product is very crucial.

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