Your Path To Courage

Chapter 3: Exposing Your Fears

Fears have to be disclosed in order for them to be addressed. We all have fears. Even those that appear to be really confident might have fears that they're failing to manage. At times these fears lead to aggressive behaviors and other times they lead to timidity and lack of poise and confidence.

Have A Look

Many people have fears from childhood or adult life that they don't directly remember but which have a massive affect on how they lead their lives daily and on how they arrive at decisions.

A few people have fears that they're clearly aware of but have no clue how to deal with and how to break the bad affect they’re having on their lives. Fear has its space in your life but uncontrolled fear can lead to a life of sorrow, self-denigration and unfulfilled goals and desires.

Think of when you were a youngster and simply knew there was a monster lurking at the foot of your bed? How did you control that fear? In all probability, someone turned on the lights and remarked that your monster was nothing more than a coat a chair. Once the lights came on, the monster was no longer dreaded.
The same thing applies to defeating our fear in adulthood. If we view our fear in the light of day, we discover that what we're afraid of isn't so atrocious after all.

Understand all the same that fear is your enemy - no other way to describe it. I’m not discussing that innate life-to preserve action along with a boost of adrenaline that happens if an animal is coming at you. I’m discussing the fears people live with daily.

Fear is your foe. Someone once distinguished fear as, Sand in the machinery of life. Fear doesn’t help you, it shackles you. Fear doesn’t get you outside; it holds you inside. Fear never helps you put your best foot forward; it simply keeps both of your feet in cement.

Learn to accept your fears, embrace your fears.

But first of all, you have to expose your fears. This will be hard work and time-consuming, but the advantages will be enormous.

Take a moment to write down your fears. Start with your aim in life on the top of the sheet, and then let your ideas flow underneath and don’t stop till you’ve found each and every one.

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