How to be ahead of the pack and lead the way

Chapter 3: Dazzle Them

Ask yourself whether anybody has sent you a sincerely “wow” experience within the last ninety days. I expect the reply from most of you will be nope. Individuals today are so accustomed to pitiful or average service—both before and following the sale—that once they get something a couple of notches above average, they're sure to notice the difference.


It’s really uncommon for individuals to deliver at levels that truly produce a special experience and favorable impression. Enquire what portion of the time you even recall the individual who served you. If you did recall them, what portion of the time did you recall them because they “were awful”? I'd expect that you don’t recall more often than not—and once you do, it’s because it was a foul experience, not a great one.

You have to do everything you are able to persevere your existing customers at all times as they constitute the foundation on which you mature your business. Without favorable buzz, you've no chance of sustaining yourself—much less capturing market share. And the most beneficial way to hold your customers or clients is to delight them beyond their anticipations and to continue doing so—prior to, during, and following the sale.

If you really wish to fulfill them, make certain they’re affected before the sale; otherwise, you won’t have an opportunity to affect them later! While this is forever the case, it's particularly vital that you deliver at a completely fresh level in order to distinguish yourself as (1) you can't afford to miss opportunities; and (2) this is the time to acquire market share from other people. You don’t want clients just to be fulfilled; you wish them wow-ed!

Wowing is really easier to achieve during “bad” times than great, as your rivals are so focused on issues during down times that their power to return a favorable experience has probably deteriorated. It’s crucial that you go above and beyond to impress customers when they tighten up financially and get choosier. Having a wow experience provides you a much better chance of gaining their money. With the media’s ceaseless reminders of hard times like these, the wow is the sole thing that prompts clients to actually say yes.

A crucial rule to recall: Price is never the way to produce a wow feeling. The product is likely not a way to produce a wow experience either, unless you're the sole source for a specific product or service, which is improbable. The wow instant happens when you present the merchandise, let clients know how it may resolve their issues, and solve how it makes them feel as well as how you exhibit, service, and provide that experience.

The most beneficial way to better your client base is to provide clients more than their money’s worth. Cutting price or cost doesn't impart value or solve issues; it simply reduces the cost of the product and may in reality diminish sensed value. Most sales individuals think that cost is a way to construct a better deal or distribute more merchandise, but I can provide you a nearly perpetual list of companies that have gone out of business while running as the lowest-cost supplier.

Seek every chance to go the extra mile and provide that little bit of extra service; it may mean the difference between simply fulfilling the customer or client and dazzling them. Merely in the way you greet somebody, answer the telephone, or get them a cold beverage may produce the wow experience.

There are limitless creative ways to provide a wow experience that have nothing to do with price reduction or even the product being distributed. The solitary best protection for business is possessing an active list of wow-ed, elated, truly fulfilled customers who provide you a constant stream of continuing assignments as they love the way you treat them.

You have to likewise commit to wow the customers in your place of power —whether they purchase from you or not. Follow through; contacts, e-mails, and personal visits are all chances to wow those on your list. Anybody may purchase a product like yours, and somebody is always willing to sell it for less.

The sole thing that keeps you above the rest is cultivating, nurturing, serving, and doing everything you are able to astonish your current clients.

Don’t seek to fulfill; seek to wow. The more you wow, the less you have to market—as other people will do it for you! If they pay you a dollar, ask yourself, “How may I provide ten times that in terms of wow?”

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