Step-By-Step Guide To Making Money Online

Chapter 3: Creating Your Opt In Page for Collecting Leads

I'm going to assume you already have experience creating a squeeze page. Over the years I have created dozens of squeeze pages in many niches - and it's safe to tell you that 'less is more" and "curiosity" is essential. The more information you give on your squeeze page - the lower (usually – but not always) the opt-in conversions.

3.a. – The 3 Crucial Elements Of A Squeeze Page

  • Your headline and tagline must stir an emotional response.
  • You should have a professional image of your report on the page.
  • Yours opt-in form should be above the fold (visible to the visitor immediately when the page is loaded)


Your headline is by far the most important part of the squeeze page. Visitors will make a decision in the first 5 seconds whether to either continue to read on or hit the back button. I recommend you incorporate the name of your report in the headline - or at least part of it...

Here's an example…

Report Name: The 7 Steps ____

Squeeze Page Headline:

Free Report Reveals The 7 Steps You Must Know To Successfully Shed Those Unwanted Pounds and Start Feeling Great In The Process – Guaranteed!

Report Image:

The image you use for your free report is just as important as the report itself. The perceived value must be of a very high quality - never put a subpar image onto your squeeze page. See the resources section of this chapter for help creating free eBook covers.

Opt-In Form:

When you put an opt-in form onto your squeeze page, make sure it's immediately presented to the visitor when the page first loads - and if possible - put it to the right of your image. You should also point the visitor to the opt-in form, either with a graphic arrow, or a small bit of text telling them EXACTLY what's expected of them.

Whether you decide to get their name & email - or just their email is entirely up to you. I can tell you from experience that just asking for their email will get you a higher opt-in rate, however, asking for their name too - will help build trust far quicker when sending follow-up messages (which we’ll cover shortly)

In the "make money online" niche, an email address may be enough - but in the health niche where fewer people are on marketers lists - I'd ask for the name and the email. Again, this is your decision.

3.b. - Examples Of An Effective Squeeze Page:



Below, is another image of a very quick squeeze page I just made a minute ago with a FREE WordPress plugin. You get the option to choose from a few different templates to work off – and to be honest, if you take a little more time than I did you should be able to create a much more professional looking page to send your traffic to (and don’t worry, we’ll cover traffic shortly)



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