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Chapter 3: Affirmations

Have you heard of affirmations? Affirmations are statements people make to themselves that help them in a positive way. You may have seen Annette Bening’s character use affirmations on the movie American
Beauty. She repeated over and over, “I will sell this house today!”

When you make affirmations, you’re using a kind of self-hypnosis. By telling yourself the same thing over and over, you’re getting your mind to agree to doing what you want.

Some common affirmations include:

 I am smart and capable. I can do anything!
 I will not be afraid during this job interview!
 I will not let my boss talk me into taking on more work!
 I do not need another piece of chocolate cake!

Affirmations can be done while you are not in a state of hypnosis, however hypnosis can amplify the effect. Eventually, after you hypnotize yourself often, you will be able to trigger a light state of hypnosis without
going through all of the standard stuff. You could do it in a bathroom at work or while riding on the bus.

This is common in people who meditate or self-hypnotize often. Their brain becomes accustomed to the state, and they can slip in and out of it at will.

For this reason, it is important to practice self-hypnosis often. That way, you can instantly make your affirmations at any time in any location. You could use affirmations with self-hypnosis on the subway on your way to a job interview, or in the bathroom before a big sales presentation. You could slip away to the restroom at a restaurant to remind yourself not to overeat, or not to have a cigarette after dinner.

There are so many applications for affirmations, that once you learn to self-hypnotize, you will be able to use them whenever you need them. So be sure to practice often!

It’s a good idea to practice every day to get yourself into the habit. Just 15 minutes a day and very soon you could be accomplishing more than you ever thought possible!

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