How to survive your baby's first year

What’s It Like To Be One Month Old?

At one month old:

 I like to look at black and white colors and patterns more than at other colors.

 I roll part of the way from my back to my side.

 I keep my hands or fingers slightly open most of the time.

 Sometimes I root around and try to suck, even when I’m not feeding.

 I make some throaty or gurgling sounds.

 I need you to protect the soft spot on the top of my head.

 I cry when I am hungry, wet or tired, or when I want to be held.

 I may smile at you when I see you or hear you.

 I make eye contact with you.

 Loud noises, bright lights or rough handling scare me.

 I’m often fussy in the evenings.

 I turn my head sideways when I’m on my stomach.

 My head wobbles if you don’t hold it. I need you to put your hand behind my head and neck.

 I have learned that I will be fed when I am hungry.

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