How to survive your baby's first year

Keeping Your Baby’s Records

It’s important to keep a record of your baby’s growth. The record should be written down. It should include medical checkups.

Your baby’s length and weight will be measured when he visits the doctor or clinic. The doctor will make notes about your baby’s shots. He will also make notes about any illness that your baby has had. You will want to keep records on these things, too. These records help you and your doctor see how your baby is growing.

You can make your own notebook to write down your baby’s health record. Some clinics and parenting classes also have booklets you can use. Your local health department may have booklets, too. Write down what happens when your baby goes to the doctor. Also write down what you do for your baby when he is sick at home.

Your doctor keeps good records on your baby’s health and shots. You should, too. The records help you and your doctor care for your baby. The doctor needs to know when your baby has been sick. And the doctor needs to know how fast your baby is growing. This information helps the doctor know what kind of medicines (if any) to give your baby. It also helps the doctor know what kind of food your baby needs.

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